Arirang TV interview on Korea’s mountains and their spirits

Just to let you all know, i will be the guest on the 1-hour “Heart to Heart” interview-show of Arirang TV tomorrow (Monday 22nd), broadcast at 9am, 3pm & 9pm (and once more at 3am Tuesday — all are Korea time zone of course). It’s a wide-ranging discussion of my research on the Sanshin Mountain-spirits, the sacred mountains of Korea, my advocacy of UNESCO designation of them as World Heritage Sites, and the improved promotion of Korean Tourism — and a little personal stuff. See this page of their site.

If you miss those broadcasts and still want to see it, or if you want to show it to somebody else, a few days later it will be in their VOD service (video-on-demand archives) in the Heart to Heart section. You can watch it anytime there; have to register but that’s free.

Maybe, this bit of publicity will help me get a new full-time job :-)

  • CactusMcHarris

    Hey Sans (sorry for the abbreviation but it’s also shorthand for Sansevieria)

    Good luck on the show and I look forward to enjoying it on the web. The job thing, well good luck on that, too – let’s hope you find some work to live rather than the other way around.

  • kuiwon


  • Yu Bum Suk

    The cable company yanked Arirang from my package and I can’t say I miss it.

  • R. Elgin

    Congratulations and good luck.

  • Wedge

    Congratulations! Arirang is part of the “premium” cable package, so I don’t have it, but will check it out on-line.

  • sanshinseon

    Thanks, everybody. It was good that it was an hour now, gives more time for depth. It was my 4th time on this particular show; i do wish, however, that i could be interviewed by an expert on traditional Korean culture & tourism, so that the questions would be sharper — someone like RJK, Elgin, Neff or etc… That would be refreshing.

  • Wedge

    Why not provide them with some questions next time? They’ll probably try to fluff it up a bit, but you never know.

  • sanshinseon

    I did discuss with the PD in advance, and gave suggestions. But even the PD can’t control what the host decides to do when the red light goes on…

  • sanshinseon

    It is already on their VOD page. Go to: — it is hard to work on any other browser than IE.

    Also see Roger Shepherds show three weeks before mine, if you like mountain-hiking and fascinating stories of “real” North Korea far outside Pyeongyang!