Choson Ilbo provides the answer to the question we all have – why marry a foreigner?

According to the poll, 32.1 percent of the men said they felt the biggest benefit of marrying foreign women is their lack of interest in their groom’s educational background and financial or social status. The next best reason was their belief that foreign brides would be submissive (23 percent), make their lives more comfortable (15.3 percent), and that the men would not have to get stressed about their in-laws (13.8 percent).

Among the women, 31.4 percent said they would marry a foreigner because it would make their lives more leisurely than marrying a Korean. The next most popular reasons were the belief that a foreign husband would be more dedicated to his family (21.9 percent), more mature (17.2 percent) and less picky about the educational level and their financial or social status (12.8 percent).