Kelly Soo Park: The Korean James Bond

According to Daily News (October 18, 2012):

Park, 46, is on trial for the 2008 murder of 21-year-old Juliana Redding in Los Angeles.

Park and her boyfriend, race car driver Ronnie Case, both worked for Uwaydah as enforcers, roughing up anyone who got in the doctor’s way, prosecutors  said.

Redding has a brief romance with Uwaydah before she was murdered, according  to court documents. The young woman introduced the much-older doctor to her father, a pharmacist, and the pair began to negotiate a business deal, they  said. During this time, Uwaydah told the father, Greg Redding, he employed a woman he called “James Bond,” CBS News reported.

Apparently this Korean James (Jane?) Bond may be related to a Korean celebrity.  According to Korea Herald (October 18, 2012):

News reports have surfaced that the musical performer and judge of tvN’s “Korea’s Got Talent” Kolleen Park may be the younger sister of the alleged American hit woman Kelly Soo Park, dubbed in the U.S. the “female 007.”

UPDATE (Robert Koehler): In a telephone conversation, one of Kolleen Park’s peeps told NoCutNews yesterday that while much of the media was reporting that Kelly was currently being detained, she’d in fact been freed in 2011 after paying a US$3 million bail. He or she also said also said Kelly simply couldn’t travel because because the trial was ongoing.

I suppose that’s still not an actual confirmation that Kelly is her sister. Given the way the press operates here sometimes, I’ll wait until I hear or read something straight from Kolleen’s mouth before I believe anything for sure.

  • Anonymous_Joe

    Did this just happen? By which I mean, did the editors at the Hole just erase the original thread?

    If I remember correctly, the original thread noted that the accused had a demi-celebrity sister. Some Hole denizen posted that noting the connection could damage the celebrity sister because in Korea the alleged sins of the sister are visited on her bloodline in perpetuity forward and back to Adam. Then, POOF! The original post already stated that the Korean papers had made the connection. This post shows that the U.S. media have made the connection.

    I feel like I just fell through the rabbit hole. …yet again.

    I can respect (or at least am open to respecting) not wanting to taint another’s reputation by association for no better reason than freak of birth, but can we discuss the reasons the mods deleted the thread?

  • robert neff

    I can’t speak for Mr. Marmot or the person who originally posted the thread but I posted this one because it is now newsworthy – meaning several newspapers in Korea and the United States are reporting it. I have no idea if she is or isn’t related – only that there is speculation. I didn’t see the original posting so I am sure that Mr. Marmot will make the decision whether to leave it up or not.

  • R. Elgin

    The original thread PLUS the gossip posted along with it that directly accuse Kolleen Park of being involved are enough to get a blog owner, in Korea, in more than a little trouble.
    The real damage this sort of gossip can cause a person here is not a small thing either.

  • slim

    Anything remotely mentioning “Korea” in the greater LA media will definitely be the next day’s news in the ROK.

  • Anonymous_Joe

    So, this blog is hosted in Korea? In the U.S., the courts have already ruled that the hosts are basically not legally liable for the posts by individual posters. …which explains the reason Naver is hosted in the U.S. Still doesn’t Korea extend its jurisdiction beyond its borders for Koreans?

    Which brings me to the Korean blogs written in Korean. Shouldn’t Korean authorities who read Korean protect Koreans from blogs written in Korean?

    I forgot: did I just eat the mushroom that makes me taller or small?

  • Adams-awry

    Oi Neff, not nearly as interesting as the original post. I mean, for fuck’s sake, your headline doesn’t even contain an “Oh, my! “

  • CactusMcHarris


    This blog is hosted in Korea – inflammatory stuff is dangerous, particularly for foreigners.

  • robert neff

    For you Adams-awry, I would add the “Oh, my!” but it is too early in the morning and I am too tired. Can I have a rain check?

  • jkitchstk

    # 3,
    Your explanation doesn’t answer any questions and your claim about “directly accuse” are of course alleged and based on reports. What’s wrong and who was it that “gossiped”?

    I have read that the court case won’t begin until 2013 because the defense isn’t ready or wants to stall. Also something about the Dr. Munir Uwaydah might be paying for the defense attorneys of Kelly Soo Park.

    The link below on pg. 8 “reports” that the “sister” of Kelly Soo Park was recorded speaking with the Dr. Munir Uwaydah – “Jackson argued to Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz that Uwaydah wanted Park freed on bail so that she could flee the country and not implicate Uwaydah to the authorities. He played a clip from a recording that investigators had surreptitiously made of a phone conversation between Park and her sister in which Park’s sister assured her that “Munir is going to bail you out.”

    Hollywood dreams: The murder of Juliana Redding
    See Page 10,
    “Since Park’s arrest, it has been reported that a judge has frozen bank accounts of three individuals connected to her: those of Park’s mother and two other people whose names authorities have not yet released. Park’s attorney, Kay Rackauckas, confirmed that the frozen accounts were connected to Park.
    “I don’t know why they froze them,” Rackauckas told the Los Angeles Times. “It’s all a big secret.”

  • Anonymous_Joe

    Coinicdentally, CNN Featured Article (right now): Man behind ‘Jailbait’ posts exposed, loses job (

    “Last week, Gawker revealed the identity of “Violentacrez,” whose posts generated as many as 800,000 subscribers and triggered a debate about whether Reddit was criminally liable for the content of its forums. …Legal analysts are split on whether Reddit is breaking any laws by allowing its users to post such heinous images. Reddit stressed in its email to CNN that it ‘follows all the legal requirements regarding illegal content, including reporting to the proper authorities.’

    ‘If I say something terrible to you on the phone, you can sue me — you can’t sue the phone company,’ Toobin explained on CNN’s AC360 last year. ‘A website is different. A website automatically exercises some control. You can see they have rules there. So the idea that they have no control over their posters, that’s simply wrong.’ “

  • jkitchstk

    Kelly Soo Park = Multi-tasker with Multi-skills?
    Real Estate Broker
    “ABC News in L.A. on Wednesday reported that new evidence has been found that Kelly, a real-estate broker, worked as a professional strong arm for Uwaydah and that she previously acted as his “debt collector” using threats, intimidation and bullying.”

    Medical(Fraud) Insurance Asst.
    “Jackson(deputy district prosecutor) told Judge Schwartz that Uwaydah was the only common denominator between Park and Juliana Redding, and maintained that Park had assisted Uwaydah in running the large medical insurance fraud scam under investigation.
    According to Detective Thompson, Park was also suspected of being involved in “ongoing, complex, multi-layer medical fraud.” Park has not yet addressed those additional fraud allegations, and a judge has admonished attorneys on both sides not to leak any information to the media because the investigation is continuing and the possibility of additional arrests remains.” 

    Bare Handed Strangler – James/Jane 007 Bond
    “Jackson also told the judge that Uwaydah had “bragged to people that he had a ‘female James Bond’ that he could rely on to take care of business.”

  • red sparrow

    After seeing photos, I would say Kolleen Park is the younger brother of the accused.

  • SomeguyinKorea


    Imagine that, someone assuming his or her family member is innocent until proven guilty and offering words of encouragement. Not much of a smoking gun, is it?

    Look, not everyone responds the same way in such a situation, but it’s only natural to offer support to a family member who finds himself or herself in trouble with the law…unless your the victim, of course.

  • R. Elgin

    Per #9, Kolleen Park’s name is not mentioned anywhere in your links. Kollen Park also has two sister’s, according to Kolleen’s written records.

    “jkitchstk” – when you are full of shit, take a dump – just not at someone else’s expense and not in public.

  • Robert Koehler

    This blog is hosted in Korea – inflammatory stuff is dangerous, particularly for foreigners.

    Actually, it’s probably more dangerous for the locals—they’re the ones who get sued for it most often.

    Anyway, the author of the previous post is the one who took it down. I just took down the Korea Herald link. As I posted earlier, I can’t really go into the details, but somebody at the Herald made a mistake, the end result of which was that something that shouldn’t have been posted on their website was. It was subsequently dealt with. I really have no interest in getting the Herald sued or somebody over there sacked for something like that.

  • Arghaeri

    Kelly Soo Park = Multi-tasker with Multi-skills? Real Estate Broker

    Which part of not defaming people on a korean website did you not get? :-)

  • jkitchstk

    # 14,
    “when you are full of shit, take a dump just not at someone else’s expense and not in public.”

    Wait, you should not defame ME in public!

    You could also explain yourself or start by answering my question. Are you suggesting I’m a “gossiper” and for that I am “full of shit”?

    If so, why don’t you stand by and say the same about many others?

    The only error(honest) I made was in comment # 9 when I should’ve said “the sister was recorded speaking about the doctor” and not “speaking with the doctor” but that’s obvious since it can be seen at the link and page I noted. However, that error doesn’t really count because you didn’t catch it.

    The only time I used the seemingly sacred name was on the original thread that’s now gone at which time I simply added more information about what she did/does since the link given at the original post about her was broken. At that time I also asked you another question about whether you’re somehow connected to that TV show she is/was affiliated. Since you didn’t answer I’ll assume so and figure your vision or understanding of what I typed must be clouded?

    I spent time posting last night and then it disappeared and then walla it reappeared. Now, I’m commenting again thank you very much! It’s clear that you don’t like this thread either even though I, nor anyone else(from comment # 16) has used thy sacred name.

    # 16,
    “Which part of not defaming people on a korean website did you not get?”

    How was that? I simply observed that if reports are correct that a suspected murderer is quite talented in being able to also earn what she did doing real estate, medical insurance, and I should’ve included “Debt Collector.”
    “A third alleged shake down, this time in 2008, [involved a man named Michael Miller who was entangled with Dr. Uwaydah in a failed horse breeding enterprise. Prosecutors say, “Miller believes that Dr Uwaydah… fraudulently sue[d] him … to “secure a $350,000 judgment against him.”
    Park and Case allegedly traveled to Kentucky twice in an effort to collect on the debt for Dr. Uwaydah, “establish[ing] the defendant’s [Park’s] profession as Dr. Uwaydah’s debt collector or ‘muscle,'” say prosecutors.”

    This wouldn’t even be a story if she had done what most Koreans do in similar cases, simply confess to the murder(if the reports/evidence is true or she did it)!

  • guitard

    red sparrow wrote:

    After seeing photos, I would say Kolleen Park is the younger brother of the accused.

    I’ve had occasion to wonder how Kolleen was able to achieve any notoriety in Korea. I immediately ruled out good looks or some sort of half/half 매혹.

  • R. Elgin

    Per #17. . . You could also explain yourself or start by answering my question. Are you suggesting I’m a “gossiper” and for that I am “full of shit”?I am not going to attempt to explain what you scatter on this topic. You have directly accused Kolleen Park of having a hand in illegal activity and personally, I would have deleted any such entry since that is salacious, untruthful and can cause harm.

    You would make a wonderful chimpanzee as it is.

  • Arghaeri

    Wait, you should not defame ME in public!

    J the laws in korea relate to damaging someones reputation.

    I seriously doubt that lowered your reputation, so where’s your cause of action :-)

  • Arghaeri

    “Which part of not defaming people on a korean website did you not get?”

    How was that?

    You stated she was an estate agent :-)

    So no I’ll rephrase which part of a smiley do you not get? :-)

    You s

  • jkitchstk

    # 19,
    “You have directly accused Kolleen Park of having a hand in illegal activity”

    How do you fail to comprehend that it’s not me, but rather media/blog reports, complain to them.

    “You would make a wonderful chimpanzee as it is.”

    Didn’t you ever learn that children attempt to build themselves up by attempting to put others down, keep trying!

    Meanwhile I’ve learned(through reports) that Kelly Soo Park apparently has another job skill, she’s also a “financial assistant.”
    Given that, the total is now up to 5 different job titles or talents ~
    1. Real Estate Broker 2. Medical(Fraud) Insurance Asst. 3. Debt Collector(with muscle) 4. Financial Asst. 5. James/Jane Bond 007, Killer/Strangler
    “Uwaydah allegedly “dispatched” his employee Kelly Soo Park — officially his real estate broker and financial assistant — to “confront” Redding after her father pulled out of a pharmaceutical deal on doubts of Uwaydah’s legitimacy.”