According to Daily News (October 18, 2012):

Park, 46, is on trial for the 2008 murder of 21-year-old Juliana Redding in Los Angeles.

Park and her boyfriend, race car driver Ronnie Case, both worked for Uwaydah as enforcers, roughing up anyone who got in the doctor’s way, prosecutors  said.

Redding has a brief romance with Uwaydah before she was murdered, according  to court documents. The young woman introduced the much-older doctor to her father, a pharmacist, and the pair began to negotiate a business deal, they  said. During this time, Uwaydah told the father, Greg Redding, he employed a woman he called “James Bond,” CBS News reported.

Apparently this Korean James (Jane?) Bond may be related to a Korean celebrity.  According to Korea Herald (October 18, 2012):

News reports have surfaced that the musical performer and judge of tvN’s “Korea’s Got Talent” Kolleen Park may be the younger sister of the alleged American hit woman Kelly Soo Park, dubbed in the U.S. the “female 007.”

UPDATE (Robert Koehler): In a telephone conversation, one of Kolleen Park’s peeps told NoCutNews yesterday that while much of the media was reporting that Kelly was currently being detained, she’d in fact been freed in 2011 after paying a US$3 million bail. He or she also said also said Kelly simply couldn’t travel because because the trial was ongoing.

I suppose that’s still not an actual confirmation that Kelly is her sister. Given the way the press operates here sometimes, I’ll wait until I hear or read something straight from Kolleen’s mouth before I believe anything for sure.