What do you do when your brother is suffering from a drug addiction and mental illness?  Stuff a sock in his mouth and ensure it stays in place with duct tape and then tape his arms and legs so tight that you cut off circulation – at least that is what  Myung Chung and her fiancé, Sung-Peel Youn, did supposedly after being advised to do so by their minister.  According to NY Daily News (October 16/17, 2012):

They also used the tape to bind his wrists, ankles and knees, according to  court papers.

“They made it so tight — and all the time they were praying and singing. They  thought God would make him a regular person,” said Sarah Youn.

Two days later, Myung Chung noticed her brother’s foot was swollen. On Oct.  12, she took him to a dermatologist, who sent them to an emergency room, court  papers show.

When Dr. Angali Bharati at New York Hospital Queens saw Seungick Chung, his  right leg was purple, black and blue, she told cops. Doctors had to amputate the  leg above the knee.

Can you believe she took him to a dermatologist?  Naturally enough, this story has found its way onto a number of sites – including this one – which kindly points out that duct tape can’t fix everything.  This story is almost as bad as the Korean-American pastor’s wife who called for an ambulance claiming her husband had suffered a heartattack – of course, the gunshot wound to the back of his head convinced the paramedics that it probably wasn’t a heart attack that killed him.

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