KBS news reports that President Lee’s eldest brother has departed the country a day before a ban was placed on him from leaving Korea. The prosecutors are already set to pounce on him with little to go before the end of his tenure. The hooplah created by going to plant a stone with his name on Tokdo seems to have blown over for now (or it has blown over to China vs Japan – a much bigger fire there). It will be interesting to see where it goes, although I doubt that whoever becomes the next president will have much of an agenda with messing up LMB’s post-presidential retired life.

Although I am all for President Lee getting the customary dusting treatment which seems to befall on every recent outgoing Korean president towards the end/after their tenure, I do feel like it’s becoming a bit of a repeating pattern. Come on, and what’s with their elder brothers?

With Korean families maybe we could do with a little more of can’t live with them than can’t live without them, especially when it’s to do with large amounts of money.