Americans apparently want to keep US troops in Korea, and Koreans want the Americans to stay. Or so say polls conducted by the Chicago Council on Foreign Affairs (in Migukistan) and the Asan Institute for Policy Studies (in Korea):

In the United States, 60 percent of the public supported keeping bases in South Korea.

But most Americans said the United States should work with others, not fight alone, in response to a potential North Korean attack and only 17 percent put a high priority on regime change in the authoritarian state.

“Despite declining support for sustaining US military budgets and presence overseas, there is still strong support for a US military presence in South Korea,” said Scott Snyder, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

60%? Wow. Could 60% of Americans even find Korea on a map? I doubt it (HT).

The numbers on this side of the Really Big Pond were astoundingly high in support of the alliance:

A study of 1,000 South Korean adults found that 95 percent of South Koreans wanted to maintain the alliance with the United States, although the virtual unanimity slipped when asked more specifically about troop levels.

While the relationship is rooted in the Korean War, 84 percent said they wanted to maintain the US alliance even if North and South Korea are unified, according to the survey by the Asan Institute for Policy Studies.

I do wonder if those numbers might be artificially high owing to the region pretty much going to complete shit over the last couple of months.