A Chinese fisherman has died from injuries sustained from a rubber bullet shot by the South Korean Marine police. According to Chosun report (in Korean) the Mokpo marine police came across some 30 odd Chinese fishing boats, all unlicensed and operating illegally in EEZ, (Junam Shinan-kun Huksan-myun 90 km from Hongdo island) and attempted to proceed with insepction. However, the Chinese fishermen refused to comply and fought back with metal saws and knives.
Feeling threats to their own safety, the police tried to capture two of the Chinese boats (100t) by using riot-control gear, but one of the rubber bullets hit a 44 year old Chinese fisherman around his chest area.
After first aid, they moved him to a hospital in Mokpo by helicopter and tried to save him but he died.
Now an investigation is on the way to determine what exactly took place with the help of other Chinese fishermen and the Korean marine police.

Although protest from China is fully expected (apparently they asked the Koreans to refrain from using guns, see Marmot’s previous post here ) from the Korean commenters the general mood is not so sympathetic at all, understandably still upset from the murder of the Korean policeman less than a year ago.

Rather than the island disputes, these are real sanctioned invasion of territory and stealing of fish (the estimate of Korean loss is huge), and should be given priority.