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Sorry that hash oil didn’t work out for you

An American English teacher in Changwon has been busted for eating cookies backed with smuggled hash oil.

Police are still investigating where the oil came from.

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  • SomeguyinKorea

    Funny how it’s always “smuggled”, as if there aren’t any Koreans growing it here.

  • http://populargusts.blogspot.com/ bulgasari

    I can’t decide whether to make the cartoon in this article about the bust my new header or not.

  • http://www.busanhaps.com Bobby McGill

    bulgasari: nice find, do it. The devil’s in the derails.

  • hardyandtiny

    get drunk on soju but don’t dare eat hash.

  • SomeguyinKorea

    It’s the society that is stifling. The vast majority of Koreans are a lot more liberal than they are permitted to be as long as they are on South Korean soil. Case in point, last time I was in Saipan, the three Korean guys who were taking dive lessons with me asked the Korean dive master where they could score some pot, not thinking I understood.

    Until the Korean government stops fearing pot, thinking it will prevent Koreans from being good obedient workers (that’s what it’s really about, after all), you’d better pick up a sport or ask your psychiatrist to fill you out a prescription for Xanax if you need to relax.

  • TonyK

    Probably got it at Costco; on a second or fourth Sunday, no doubt.

  • CactusMcHarris

    You have to admit that Five Days Big Horse 대마오일 is a great porn name, isn’t it?

  • Elowel

    Oh snap, they’re onto us!