Who cares?  But, potatoes from Washington and Idaho will soon be on their way to South Korea thanks to Gov.Chris Gregoire.  I bet you didn’t even know that our potatoes were banned – actually fresh potatoes still are, but not those used for potato chips.  Our potatoes were banned because of Zebra chip.

An estimated 20,000 metric tons of potato chip potatoes were contracted to be sent to South Korea, Harris said.

“We’re thankful that the Korean government and U.S. government were able to sit down and talk about mitigation tools to make sure trade stays fluid,” he said.

Harris said the market on fresh potatoes is still closed, but there are continuing efforts to find a solution. There are about 3,000 metric tons of fresh potatoes from the three Pacific Northwest states that are still held up while those talks continue.

Harris said that the lifting of the ban clears the way for more than $5 million in exports between now and the end of the year.