Is South Korea trying to Koreanize the UN?

According to the Korea Herald – South Korea is making it’s last ditch effort to gain a seat on UN Security Council:

Seoul is pitching its role in Northeast Asian security and world peace stemming from its strategic location and North Korea’s threat, to achieve one of this year’s biggest diplomatic projects.

The election for the seat that India held is on October 18.  Korea’s competetion is Bhutan and Cambodia. What are the other countries’ selling points?

Bhutan had this to say:

“As a responsible member of the international community, committed to the principles enshrined in the UN Charter, Bhutan is now prepared and seeks to engage directly in the process of building a more secure world through non-permanent membership in the UN Security Council,” he noted. “This we regard, not only as a privilege, but also, as a responsibility of UN membership.”

“Never having served nor sought membership on the Council before, we are convinced that all states, regardless of size, population, level of development, must be permitted the opportunity to contribute by bringing diversity of thought, approach and indeed, their will, to the work of the Council,” he said.

Cambodia is apparently taking the election pretty seriously.  Dissing Bhutan’s efforts as being “cute” and its Happiness Campaign as being :”idealistic” but it is with Korea that they are getting nasty.  According to Inner City Press:

The lead Cambodia campaigner, who gave Inner City Press his business card and said it was fine to report on the meeting, said that Ban as Secretary General should count AGAINST South Korea.  “It’s too much,” he said.  “I’m hearing about the Koreanization of the UN.” He paused.  “Some day we’ll come here and it will be nothing but Samsung.”

“This should not just be about money,” he said.  “It should be about values.”  He contrasted what he called Cambodia’s concern with the whole world – he said the country contributed observers to Syria – to what he can Ban’s or South Korea’s focus on their own peninsula.

  • Jakgani

    “Is South Korea trying to Koreanize the UN?”

    Korea has Psy – according to Ban Ki-Moon – that gives Korea the power to make world Peace………….

    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has hailed South Korean rapper Psy’s global hit ‘Gangnam Style’ as a force for world peace.

    “In this era of instability and intolerance we need to promote better understanding through the power of music,” he added.

  • DLBarch

    It’s hard to take either Bhutan or Cambodia seriously as a putative Security Counsel member, but in the interest of fairness it should at least be noted that the Herald failed to report that neither Bhutan nor Cambodia has ever been a member of the UNSC.

    And if you believe the Cambodians, that spunky little country has already obtained the committed support of 100 UN members for its bid.

    But, yeah, it should probably go to Korea.


  • enomoseki

    Considering the fact that Ban Ki Moon was unanimously re-elected as Secretary General of UN, no other countries has problem with Ban nor South Korea.

    Cambodia is looking to gain a favors from UN to push the Thais out of the disputed land near their country.

  • CactusMcHarris

    The first sign, I’ve been telling you, was when Spanky Moon led the Assembly in having a morning Psy sungma.

  • DLBarch

    BTW, if anyone’s interested, that Cambodian representative’s charge that Korea’s UNSC bid should be discounted because Ban Ki-moon is already Secretary General is poorly taken.

    A quick search over lunch reveals that Norway was a member of the UNSC during Trygie Lie’s tenure as Secretary General; Sweden was a member during Dag Hammerskjold’s tenure, Austria was a member during Kurt Waldheim’s tenure, and Ghana was a member during Kofi Annan’s tenure.

    So there!


  • SomeguyinKorea

    Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if the permanent members would have their veto rights revoked? Without implementing a truly democratic system, seems to me the Security Counsel is little more than a vestige of the Cold War.

  • cm

    Does the UN matter that much anymore?

    Who cares?

  • jkitchstk

    Considering the fact that Ban Ki Moon can’t even influence his own country to do the right thing then I say “no” to Korean leadership.

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    Whats the right thing to do, #8?

  • jkitchstk

    # 9,
    And it wouldn’t have been very difficult at all…

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    your link doesn’t work. Why not write a sentence or two yourself, instead?

  • jkitchstk
  • TheKorean2

    South Korea wants to be a permanent member of security council.

  • enomoseki

    Ban Ki Moon is heavily supported by both Russia and China.

    He ain’t going nowhere.

  • Tapp

    #6, Revoked by who? There’s no way that the big 5 are going to give up their veto rights to the club they started.

    #13, The number of permanent seats isn’t going to change anytime soon, either. ROK deserves a two year stint, but I wouldn’t count on any changes permanent seats.

  • Arghaeri

    Considering the fact that Ban Ki Moon was unanimously re-elected as Secretary General of UN, no other countries has problem with Ban nor South Korea.

    Why, when since when have the two conditions become mutually exclusive?

  • jtyler79asia

    “Is South Korea trying to Koreanize the UN?”

    uh, what?

  • Koreansentry

    Gorea! Woo hoo!