According to the Korea Herald – South Korea is making it’s last ditch effort to gain a seat on UN Security Council:

Seoul is pitching its role in Northeast Asian security and world peace stemming from its strategic location and North Korea’s threat, to achieve one of this year’s biggest diplomatic projects.

The election for the seat that India held is on October 18.  Korea’s competetion is Bhutan and Cambodia. What are the other countries’ selling points?

Bhutan had this to say:

“As a responsible member of the international community, committed to the principles enshrined in the UN Charter, Bhutan is now prepared and seeks to engage directly in the process of building a more secure world through non-permanent membership in the UN Security Council,” he noted. “This we regard, not only as a privilege, but also, as a responsibility of UN membership.”

“Never having served nor sought membership on the Council before, we are convinced that all states, regardless of size, population, level of development, must be permitted the opportunity to contribute by bringing diversity of thought, approach and indeed, their will, to the work of the Council,” he said.

Cambodia is apparently taking the election pretty seriously.  Dissing Bhutan’s efforts as being “cute” and its Happiness Campaign as being :”idealistic” but it is with Korea that they are getting nasty.  According to Inner City Press:

The lead Cambodia campaigner, who gave Inner City Press his business card and said it was fine to report on the meeting, said that Ban as Secretary General should count AGAINST South Korea.  “It’s too much,” he said.  “I’m hearing about the Koreanization of the UN.” He paused.  “Some day we’ll come here and it will be nothing but Samsung.”

“This should not just be about money,” he said.  “It should be about values.”  He contrasted what he called Cambodia’s concern with the whole world – he said the country contributed observers to Syria – to what he can Ban’s or South Korea’s focus on their own peninsula.