Comrade Kim Goes Flying

You’re a movie director sitting around the house wondering what kind of film can I make next?

Wait, you’ve got it: “What do you say we do a movie about a female North Korean coal miner who dreams of becoming a trapeze artist!?”

And there you have it: Comrade Kim Goes Flying, the first movie to be filmed in North Korea that was entirely financed by Western producers and edited outside the country. It was allowed a screening at the Busan International Film Festival this week.

Here is a Q & A with the co-directors.

Best quote of the piece:

The cast included some of the most famous actors in North Korea. One of the guys is like the North Korean George Clooney and he even managed to make quite an impression on some of ladies in the European movie crew during filming.

Here is a publicity shot of the female lead, Han Jong-sim. As you probably guessed, she was not in attendance down here at BIFF. Pity, she would have made quite an impression on me, I’m sure.

  • CactusMcHarris

    North Korean George Clooney – would that mark the first time those words are in print?

  • Anonymous_Joe

    perhaps, but it has been whispered for decades.

    …which brings me to the topic of irresponsible bloggers who post rumors and innuendos on their sites without proper vetting. This is where the properly trained journalists at the old gray ladies butt heads with the netizens of the twitterverse and interwebs. Let me tell you, you’d never see “North Korean George Clooney” written in the NYT, dag-gummit.

  • Jakgani

    Han Jong-sim is nice looking –

    Two other great (South) Korean films to watch are:

    Kim Ki-duk’s Pieta, the brutal story of a debt collector who cripples those who are unable to pay him until he meets a woman who claims to be his mother.


    Dangerous Liaisons, which is set in 1930s Shanghai and stars South Korea’s Jang Dong-gun and Cecilia Cheung, from China. (The tickets for the movie sold out in just 12 seconds).