According to the Korea Times (October 10, 2012):

Academic research has established that Koreans have a clear preference for Korean teachers and professors, followed by a slightly lower preference for Caucasian teaching staff.

Negative preference values, however, were found for Chinese and Indian teachers. Our study extends testing the “country of origin” effect previously found for products such as cars or cosmetics to the services sector.

According to the article:

While generally Korean teachers demand more respect and enforce stricter discipline, Korean students and their parents in fact prefer Korean teachers. Local teachers working attitude and manners reflect the Korean culture, whereas in English conversation classes led by foreigners the teaching style may deviate from the traditional Korean approach.

Our study found significant preferences by Koreans for their own teaching staff (teachers and professors), followed by a slightly lower preference for Caucasians. The study measured these preferences on a scale from one to seven, where values above four indicated a preference, four itself indicated no preference either way, while values below four indicated dislike.

Values for Chinese and Indian teaching staff were found to be slightly negative, indicating that when Koreans do have a choice, they prefer a Korean or Caucasian teacher. The chart below visualizes the Koreans ethnicity preferences for educational services.

Now I realize I do not know much about this subject but I did think this one paragraph was kind of important:

We have identified and measured three explanatory factors visualized in the figure below:  country image, perception of service quality, and trust. The Koreans in this study, sampled in Australia, view their home country in a positive light, and generally also view Caucasians (represented by Australians in this study) positively. Values for Chinese and Indians revolve around the neutral zero mark.

Wonder what the results would have been if the study had actually been done in Korea?

I wonder if these Americans prefer to learn Korean from fellow Americans?