According to the Irishtimes (October 11, 2012):

A DELEGATION from Ireland will travel to Seoul next week to meet senior Korean officials as hopes grow that Ireland’s experience of resolving cross-border conflicts could provide a model for peace in the bitterly divided Korean peninsula.

The five-person delegation arrives in Seoul this week to meet with senior officials from South Korea’s unification ministry, and they will share lessons on North-South Border co-operation under the project Building Bridges.

What kind of plan you ask?

The successful resolution of the Northern Irish conflict in the 1990s has been mooted as a possible blueprint for bringing peace to the Korean peninsula.

The North Koreans are worried about the German unification model, which saw west and east Germany united but the communist east subsequently subsumed into the west German model.

The Irish peace agreement leaves scope for North Korea to continue to exist, which would be a key positive factor in the thinking of the government of Kim Jong-un, the North’s recently installed young leader, who is the third of the Kim family to run the world’s only communist dynasty.