Tired of hearing about PSY and “Gangnam Style?”  Yeah, me too.  Interesting article in today’s WSJ Scene Asia.  Many of the most recent K-pop hit songs were written by some old Swedish guy and his employees at Universal Music Publishing.

Meet Pelle Lidell, 50 year old executive at Universal Music Publishing and the man responsible for many of K-pop song’s beat and lyrics.

Interesting what Pelle says about Japanese music:

“While Korean pop has been criticized as a ripoff of Japanese pop music, Mr. Lidell said K-pop is easier for Western songwriters to get the hang of.

K-pop ‘follows the classic songwriting style: intro, verse, pre-hooks, b-hooks in the chorus,’ he said. ‘I could never get my head around J-pop and what the Japanese wanted.'”

Now you guys know who to blame for “K-poop.”  Not exactly who you thought, huh?