Sorry, TK, but I’ve got to do it:

Korean American Simon Cho, who entered America illegally at age 4, now represents America in Vancouver as a short track speed skater in the U.S. national team.

Hooray to immigration making America better.

Well, TK, maybe not in this case

American speedskater Simon Cho has been suspended and will likely face a lengthy ban from competition for taking part in an incredible sabotage plot that saw the Olympic bronze medalist deliberately tamper with a rival’s skate to gain a competitive edge.
The American team shared a locker room with the Canadians at the Polish event, one of the most prestigious competitions in short-track speedskating. Cho says that he twice refused Chun’s demand that he interfere with the Canadian equipment. According to Cho, Chun ordered him to commit the act in their native Korean language and later repeated it in English, in the presence of teammate Jeff Simon.
“When he spoke in Korean, I knew he was serious,” Cho said Friday at a press conference, according to the Associated Press. “The repetitiveness and aggressiveness of how he came at me was very intimidating. … I knew he wasn’t going to take no for an answer.”

What would Apolo Ohno say?

To be fair to US coach Jae Su Chun, the Canadians might have been being mean:

Cho maintained Chun was angry at the Canadians and convinced they had aided another team to ensure the U.S. had been eliminated.