According to TVNZ (New Zealand – October 7, 2012):

Korea’s largest fishing company, Sajo Oyang Corporation, tried to gag Indonesian crew by buying them off with a “peace agreement”.

The agreement, obtained by the Sunday Star-Times, shows corporation official Oh Gwan Yeol offered some of the 32 crew US$7300 to withdraw complaints of fraud and assault lodged with Korean courts and New Zealand Immigration Service.

What kind of alleged assault you ask? The above link seems to imply the scary type that young cabin boys feared when the captain called them to his quarters late at night:

Emails obtained by the Sunday Star-Times show police decided last year not to lay charges over the crew’s complaints they had been physically and sexually abused because it was a “workplace issue”. Police believed a criminal trial would be “futile” and the “hundreds of hours” a case could take to prepare was not a “prudent use of police resources and would not be in the public interest”.

We have extensively talked about this crew’s plight before – it might be worth another look.