I have always respected the fact that there is a large number of Koreans who remember the sacrifices that many non-Koreans made during the Korean War.  Almost every year I see at least one bus filled with veterans on the streets of Seoul – they are here as honored guests.  According to WCF Courier (October 6, 2012) – more than 320 Korean War vets from Iowa will be honored by the South Korean government with “peace medals”.

“Its a Korean event,” Morris said. “They are the ones expressing their appreciation for those who served in the Korean War 60 years ago.”

UNI ROTC students will help host the event. UNI President Ben Allen will deliver a greeting.

“One of the things that has impressed me over and over is the appreciation that the South Korean government has given our Korean veterans over the last 10 to 15 years,” Morris said. “The vets I have been associated with have all indicated how much they appreciate their appreciation for what we did. I don’t know of any other country in my lifetime that has expressed that appreciation as well” for Americans’ sacrifice.

“I like to say, ‘”The Forgotten War” is now remembered,’ ” Morris said.