According to Reuters – Kim Jong-un wanted to visit China last month but was told it wasn’t a convenient time.  China seems to have a lot on its plate and may have decided to use this denial as a way of displaying its displeasure with North Korea’s missile test in April.

Analysts have said Beijing may be loath to host Kim due in part to North Korea ignoring Chinese warnings against the rocket launch in April. The U.N. Security Council, of which China is a permanent member, strongly condemned on the failed launch as a violation of council resolutions.

Any insistence on Beijing’s part for “something positive”, for instance that North Korea reins in its nuclear ambitions, would indicate that it is holding its alliance with Pyongyang to a tougher test.

I guess this test was ok.  According to the Telegraph. 

The surface-to-ship missile was fired into the Yellow Sea on September 27 and travelled an estimated 50-55 miles, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency quoted a Seoul government source as saying.

“The test-firing could be a part of the North’s routine efforts to improve their capabilities and range, but there was an assessment that it could be a reaction to our government’s movement,” the source was quoted as saying.

If Kim Jong-un really wants to visit China – perhaps he should use some of his “gift politics”

Imports were especially pronounced for high-end cars, TVs, computers, liquor and watches. Inbound shipments of luxury cars and associated components almost doubled to 231.93 million dollars last year from 115.05 million dollars in 2009. Ship exports increased more than 20 times from 17.48 million dollars from 840,000 dollars over the same period.

Artworks and antique imports reached 580,000 dollars last year, more than 10 times the figure of 50,000 dollars in 2009. Perfume, cosmetics and fur saw their inbound shipments double. Among items that saw sharp drops in imports were leather products and musical instruments.

According to Saenuri Party lawmaker Yoon Sang-hyun:

“The value of North Korea`s luxury goods imports last year was enough to buy 1.96 million tons of wheat. Kim Jong Un is neglecting his starving people, importing far more luxury goods than his father did to give as gifts to top aides and the elite to boost his weak power base.”