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17th Busan Film Fest opens

The Busan International Film Festival opened Thursday night.

Glitzy, Graceful, Glamorous and Gaudy all in attendance. And rumor has it that the guy with that world famous song is galloping in for a performance Saturday.

Whatever reason you go for, BIFF is a blast like no other on the peninsula.

Hope to see you here.

About the author: Founder/CEO of Meme Communications Korea – www.memecommunications.com

  • redwhitedude

    I didn’t realize NK had such long range artillery to blast busan.

  • DLBarch


    I hope you provide regular dispatches on the BIFF festivities.

    I don’t know whether you do movie reviews for Haps, but if you spot any particular film that merits a recommendation, do please pass it our way.


  • http://www.busanhaps.com Bobby McGill

    Sure thing DLB. I will be covering the scene and parties (wink wink), but have a couple of writers on movies.


    On my way to interview that wild Canadian producer Niv Fichman. This oughta be fun.