Fashion shots of 배두나(Bae Doona) in London

Here is a link to a few fashion shots of 배두나 who was staying in London prior to the shooting of the film “Cloud Atlas” in which she plays a clone (not a robot, corrected, thanks to zenkimchi) and post shooting of the film “Korea” (a film about North/South Korea Table Tennis team). She was staying at the home of her “dialogue coach” in preparation for the shooting.

I have seen her in a few films – “The Host”, “Air Doll”, “LindaX3″, as well as a short film in which she plays a language student. Although I am not a huge fan (something about the voice), I guess she is as good as they come, in terms of being a natural Korean actress who has somewhat of a brain and a fashion sense.

This is not your usual post, but for your (different from the usual kind of) viewing pleasures.

  • JW

    Bae Doona doesn’t qualify in my world as a “viewing pleasure”, period.

  • gbevers

    She looks like a depressed robot in those photos. Was that the intention or should she be put on suicide watch?

  • bballi bballi Paradise

    One of the most backhanded complementary posts I’ve ever read….and what exactly was the point of it?

  • thekorean

    I had a chance to look at her up close and personal, and she is absolutely stunning in person. In fact, she is my prime example of “people who look x100 better when seen in person.”

  • slim

    Androgynous and not cute enough for K-pop boy band work.

  • redwhitedude

    Bizarre movie airdoll. Even more bizarre is why she chose to be in it.

  • yuna

    I think the writer or director Airdoll said the film/part was written with her in mind. She was already famous in Japan for her role in Linda Linda Linda.
    As for her looks, I also didn’t think Aoi Yuu (a Bae Doona equivalent in Japan) was all that before I saw her in films. Now she is definitely one of my top actresses of all times, and I find her beautiful. So I think (for women at least) there is definitely a difference between seeing photos alone and seeing them give a bit of themselves in acting in forming of the level of attraction and rapport.

  • yuna

    Also I have a soft spot for robots, animals, and other non-human beings who are usually incapable of imposing their own will/having their own mind, but have been tinged with emotion, but are at the mercy of humans. I cried a lot at “Robo-cop”, “The Snowman”, and all animal films.

  • JW

    Unfortunately when it comes to viewing pleasure the highly refined parts of my brain takes an immediate backseat to whatever biology that reacts to an S line with a good amount of volume in just the right places.

    It’s not my fault.

  • yuna

    Here you go .
    However, I have sympathy. I have a dog I love more than life itself, who has come into puberty. His actions are not triggered by good fashion sense either.

  • jk641

    I think she’s kind of cute.
    I liked her in The Host.

  • JW

    Is it worksafe? Yuna, are you trying to get me fired? That’s not nice.

  • yuna

    I’d wait till you are back home to click on it then. I’d also wait until your parents are out. As you said, it might bring on some embarrassing reactions.

  • Bendrix

    I think she’s cute but I usually like kinda weird girls. I like her eyebrows.

  • ZenKimchi

    Hate to play the correction police, but she plays a clone in “Cloud Atlas,” not a robot. Really enjoyed the book.

  • F5Waeg

    Always thought she was hot in a cool, quirky way. Seen most of her films.

  • redwhitedude

    I’ve seen her in God of study too. I guess I’ll have to see more of her. As far as I am concerned she really doesn’t stand out that much.

  • feld_dog

    IMO her best films are “Sympathy for Mr. Vengence” and “Please Take Care of My Cat”. I actually bought her book of Seoul photography. The Seoul pics: meh. The pics of herself cavorting in her underwear and pajamas: GOD, yes.

  • judge judy

    go yuna!

  • nambangui horangi

    Bae Doona is by far my favorite Korean actress, and also is, I think, very attractive, all the more so for having her own unique look. She’s great in “Please Take Care of My Cat” and “Barking Dogs Don’t Bite.” And while I have plenty of sympathy for JW’s point of view (or his id’s point of view), I think my ego and however it responds to the animal parts of my brain does better with women that it could envision wanting to actually enjoy long conversations with. That said, about the only redeeming feature of “Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance” was having her appear in a nude scene, which came as a complete (and pleasant) surprise to me having previously only seen her in films in which she had much different roles…..

  • Robert Koehler

    I’m partial to Bae Doo-na. She’s quirky cool.

    Her mom seems cool, too:

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