Screw the diplomatic nuance

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Kim Sung-hwan, let it rip to an AP reporter on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.

“We are victims of Japanese colonial rule…When the Japanese government claims Dokdo is their territory, Korean people (take) it as another attempt to invade our country,” Kim said. “So that’s the Korean sentiment and I hope that the Japanese government understands this.”

I don’t know about the Japanese, but I understand this.

Where I am confused is with the belief that prudent military strategy be decided by those who Kim says believe Dokdo is the stepping stone for invasion.

Kim said Seoul wants to expand relations with Japan, including in military cooperation, but only if South Korean public sentiment allows it. In June, they put on hold an intelligence sharing pact after it provoked an outcry in South Korea.

“We have to try to overcome these differences. It’s up to the Japanese attitude. While they maintain their attitude … there should be some limit on the scope of cooperation,” he said.

I agree with Paul Cronin’s take: Limit the information released on strategy measures and get the intel sharing started.

“I would encourage these governments to do the same things they would do under the pact secretly until they can get the public support they need, which may not come until after the election.”

Or sometime mid-22nd century.

  • Jakgani

    same old pathetic cry….

    Not only did Japan want Korea but Russia and China also wanted power over Korea.

    Korea is LUCKY it wasn’t China or Russia who took them.

    Look at Tibet – China took them (even though Britain and Russian also wanted Tibet) – and China will never let them go – ever!

    Mongolia also wanted Korea, China, Japan and took a lot of it – why not cry about them?

    Korea has been free for almost 60 years – GET OVER IT!

  • Jakgani

    I guess they can’t cry about Mongolia – when half of the people in Jeju-do are half Mongolian.

  • alexander1982

    Mr. McGill ‘understands’ that Japanese claims are attempts to invade… Respectfully, put down the gimchi kool aid.

    That comment is silly for a Korean to make but for a foreigner, just bizarre.

  • babotaengi

    Chillax, Alex: he was saying he understands that’s what the kimchi faithful believe. Your bizarro-meter is out of wack.

  • Koreansentry

    I wonder where did Jakgani got his Korean history lesson from? japanese or Qinese? did he know Korea was freed nation for last 5,000 years? Half of Jeju people are Mongolian? can Jakgani provide us with DNA paper showing Jeju people are half Mongolian? Qing Dynasty wasn’t Chinese, it was Manchu dynasty – they didn’t owned anything in Korea and Russian wanted Korea? well fought Koreans back in 18th century and lost the war.

  • Bendrix


    Your reasoning is simply idiotic. It’s equivalent to someone telling the victim of a violent crime to just be grateful they’re still alive, and to just calm down and let go of the anger. You don’t see how that only makes things worse? It’s patronizing and inflammatory.

  • Bendrix

    And 60 years ago is not even a drop in the bucket, not even an entire lifespan for many people. You remind me of callous Americans who tell blacks to just get over it, all the issues were fleshed out long ago. But if you think about it, the Civil Rights movement ended barely 40 years ago. My parents are older than that.

  • pawikirogii 石鵝

    why not tell the aboriginie to get over it? he does live in one of the wealthiest countries on earth, doesn’t he? why should he cry about anything?

  • sojufan_5944

    Good post Bendrix. And Jakgani, just foad please.

  • mickster

    “Dokdo is the stepping stone for invasion.”
    Is that the right interpretation? I took the minister’s words to mean that taking Dokdo itself would be considered invasion.
    I am not sure if I am right.

  • cm
  • cm

    I just about gagged after reading that one.

  • Jakgani

    cm – did you notice the author of that article is YURIKO KOIKE.

    (Yuriko Koike (小池 百合子, Koike Yuriko, born July 15, 1952) Yuriko Koike, Japan’s former Minister of Defense and National Security Adviser, is a former chairwoman of Japan’s Liberal Democrat Party, and currently an opposition leader in the Diet.

  • slim
  • Landros

    Ah, actually the Blacks and Indians should get over it too. I mean haven’t they? Obama is president so isn’t like some comfort woman leading Japan? and Indians are American citizens now aren’t they. so basically yeah I would say most people with african American or Native American heritage have been absorbed into USA.

    It isn’t a “Whiteman’s” nation anymore. Invading Korea through land claims of Dokdo is simply infantile. I mean even believing dokdo belongs to Korea because a fisherman and bunch of police officers dwell there is because of constant propaganda by Koreans.

    Koreans have are completely incapable of looking at the world in any one elses shoes besides korean ones. Americans are not stationed here because USA wants to take Korean territoriality. USA has enough land. Japan has enough land too. About the only nation that really wants to expand is North Korea.

    Owning more land and resource rights is really a 19 century thing. the Oil rights owned by Japan or Koerea really won’t affect anyone in either country. I mean buy stocks in SK or the Japanese oil company and benefit from the stock price increase.

    I think Koreans are so used to losing and whining about it then getting compensation they don’t know any other way. I mean USA should just leave and let the Chinese make some deal with North Korea to invade the South again.

    The whole Dokdo issue is like worrying about a dog house while the mansion burns down. stepping stone for invasion? IsTokyo next…

  • cm


    Shinjo Abe’s wife (she was a professed “Hallyu fan”) says “I quit watching Korean dramas”.|article|default

  • jk641


    Poor lady. I bet it’s all b/c of her husband.

  • Q

    Japan has too many internal crisis to have k-pop or k-drama in their minds. As a sankei shimbun article wrote, Korean singers are ‘敵國の歌手'(enemy nation’s singer) and popularity of kpop over Japanese music in the world is considered as pathetic defeat in war (‘日本は音楽も韓国に惨敗!’).

  • cm

    Last month, Japanese self defense forces navy ship and helicopter crossed the Dokdo line, and the Korean fighter jets scrambled to chase them out. Japan did not get permission from Korea. This was kept secret by the Korean government, without any protests to Japan.

  • jk641


    Let’s hurry up and build that airfield on Ulleungdo already.

  • TheKorean2

    Landros, you are one-sided. Thanks for proving yourself wrong, hypocrite.

  • sojufan_5944

    Landros, foad twat.

  • Q

    “Nationalism in Japan: Beware the populists” –