According to a recent study, 1 in 3 students at Seoul National University is a binge drinker.

The figure almost matches the proportion of binge drinkers among adults — 36.7 percent according to the Korean Alcohol Research Foundation — and shows that elite students are no exception when it comes to boozing.

In a straw poll by SNU and Gwanak District Office last week of 213 students at the university, 72.3 percent said they consume alcohol and 31 percent said they drink more than seven shot glasses of soju in one sitting.

They’re lightweights compared to American alkies –or so says a story in Huff Po about binge drinking and how it makes for a “happier” student.

Among students taking part in the study, the average binge drinker consumed 13.7 drinks per week, and the average non-binge drinker 4.2 drinks.

Of note in the American study of bingers:

The researchers found no evidence that unhappy students were binge drinking to self-medicate. In fact the reverse was true – students suffering the most stress, anxiety, and experiences of discrimination or sexual abuse were the least likely to drink