I won’t even try and be cute with this one – I will just let the piece speak for itself.

I’ve been married to a Korean man for 2 years now. I am 26 and he is 28.

After confronting him he has admitted that he has cheated on me several times with Korean women. He said that he first started dating foreign women because he thought we are more open minded but now he sees I’m not what he preconceived.
I would find it very difficult to get over him cheating with another Caucasian but I can’t compete with Korean women because I’m not one.

He also said that cheating is a non-spoken agreement between all married couples in Korea.
He said he loves me but he doesn’t know if he can live without meeting other women on the side.
Is this a cultural thing really or there’s just no point sticking around? Thank you.

Anybody got any advice?  Is yours better than Dr. P’s? – From On The Couch with Dr. P (Korea Times, Sept 29, 2012):