Meet Ok-Joo Ahn.  Doesn’t seem so different from a lot of immigrant entrepreneurs.  Mr. Ahn came to this country with apparently little more than the shirt off his back and started a chain of Korean-Mexican fusion cuisine food trucks called Calbi.  Just one problem.  Ahn didn’t come here with just “the shirt off his back.”  He came here with $1.3M USD stolen funds.  Money he was suppose to use to build a building in Seoul.


“…[Mr. Ahn got]… arrested by South Korean authorities on the charge of scam and criminal fraud right as he touched down in the Incheon International Airport on the 10th of September….

Apparently, Mr. Ahn fundamentally misunderstood a key provision in South Korean law:

“The Seoul Prosecution agency stated that Ahn most likely came back because he misunderstood one of the South Korean laws which state that a suspect’s crime (financial/economic ones) has an expiration date, usually 7 years. Should the criminal not get caught during the allotted 7 years, he/she, will be pardoned automatically.”

“…the law does not include criminals who run away to foreign lands. Thus, Ahn who commited a crime and escaped from South Korea was not subject to the law’s ticking timer.”

Maybe he was taking advantage of this?