OK, it’s probably not a good thing for nuke plant employees to be strung out on meth

Prosecutors have detained two members of the disaster team of Gori Nuclear Power Station in Busan for doing Philopon, a.k.a. meth.

One of the men, who are part of a team tasked with fighting fires at the plant, actually did meth at the office. Police are accusing him of doing it only twice, though. The other guy tried it at his apartment near the plant.

The men got the meth from a criminal gang that operates in the Gijang area.

The Chosun was disturbed enough to write an editorial about it.

  • PeterDownUnder

    Quoting from “Accidental Nuclear War – A Post-Cold War Assessment”

    From 1975-1990, 66,000 military personnel involved in the operational aspects of US nuclear forces were removed from their positions. Of these 66,000 41% were removed because of alcohol and other drug abuse and 20% because of psychiatric problems.

    The paper goes on to talk about the high chance of accidental nuclear holocaust even today due to the high alert Cold War era systems as well as human error.

    We have Americans, Russians, North Koreans, Israelis, Pakistanis and all these people handling nuclear missiles, the least thing to worry about would be two nuclear reactor handlers recreationally using some hard drugs.

  • R. Elgin

    Maybe Pete but there have been other irregularities at this plant with its maintenance. Now is good time to worry since nothing has happened – yet.