Or so Korean rapper Tiger JK basically said during a recent concert.

He did apologize for it, though:

Korean rapper Tiger JK has posted an apology on his Twitter account for the racist remarks against Caucasians he blurted out during a joint performance on Saturday.

Gee, what happened?

According to Tiger JK’s recollection, some of the audience repeatedly requested him to dance the “horse dance” from choreography of another Korean rapper Psy’s worldwide hit “Gangnam Style.”

Shootouts in Bangkok, fired lifeguards in California, navelgazing in The Atlantic, and now this. Damn you, Psy. Damn you to hell!

“I told them I ain’t here to make you laugh, not here to dance for you, then it triggered something really dark in me,” Tiger JK said via Twitter.

Then the rapper said he cut all his songs short and went “crazy on all them white folks in the crowd.”

“To Fu** all y’all who think Asians are here to make you laugh by dancing my as*** off,” he said, accusing CNN and Hollywood of making Asians “comic relief.”

You can read his rant here.