The Dong-A Ilbo is nervous about Shinzo Abe—who just got himself elected head of the LDP—possibly regaining his old job as Japanese prime minister. In an interview with the Sankei Shimbun last month, Abe said as prime minister, he would revise statements made by Chief Cabinet Secretary Kiichi Miyazawa, another ex-cabinet chief Yohei Kono and former Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama (see also here).

Those would be the statements about Japanese colonial rule, Japan’s wars of aggression and the Comfort Women.

The Dong-A doesn’t say how he might revise them, but I’m guessing he’d prefer something more along these lines (found via one of my Facebook friends. Hamel should get a kick out of it).

According to the Dong-A, nothing about Abe has changed since his last stint as PM.

Meanwhile, former Osaka governor Toru Hashimoto—who would also like to be prime minister—told reporters he would like to meet the Comfort Women.

Hashimoto said he wanted to clearly tell them that while he naturally understand how they feel (Marmot’s Note: No, he doesn’t), there is no evidence that they were forcefully dragged off with violence, threats or kidnapping.

I’m sure they’d take that quite well.

Hashimoto caused a stir when he tweeted at length about the Comfort Women—you can read the translation here.

For their part, the House of Sharing did invite Hashimoto—and The Ish, or all people—for a visit.