A report by the National Asian American Survey reveals that Korean-Americans back Obama over Romney, 49% to 20%, reports the Chosun.


You can read a summary of the report on Asian-American political opinions here. Just a sample:

– Among likely voters, 43 percent of Asian Americans support Barack Obama, while 24 percent prefer Romney. There are considerable differences by ethnic group: Indian Americans show the strongest support for Obama (68 percent), and Samoans and Filipinos show strongest support for Romney (39 percent and 38 percent, respectively).

– Democrats have a 33 percent to 14 percent advantage among Asian Americans, but a majority of Asian Americans (51 percent) are Independent or do not identify with the U.S. party system. This figure is higher than the average for the national population (40 percent).

– Hmong, Indian and Korean Americans most strongly identify with the Democratic Party. In a significant shift, Filipino Americans now have the strongest identification with the Republican Party, a designation that has previously consistently belonged to Vietnamese Americans.

One wonders if these numbers reflect a permanent shift or the simple fact that Romney comes off as a complete tool, especially compared to Obama.