Lose the ‘Kill Japs’ signs. Just a suggestion.

Look, personally, I find some some of the stuff coming out of the mouths of certain Japanese politicians offensive. But really, do signs like this help?

And if you really must produce signs like that, at leave be clever about it and do it in a language Westerners (mostly) can’t read. Like these (presumably) employees of an Audi dealership in China, who posted on their shop a banner that read, “Even if all of China becomes a tomb, we must kill all the Japanese” and “Even if not a single blade of grass grows in China, we must recover the Diaoyu Islands.” On its Japanese site, Audi apologized for the incident, saying the sign had been taken down immediately and that it was unconfirmed whether the people involved were Audi employees.

  • red sparrow

    In fairness, the sign does just say “kill jap” although it is remarkably vague as to which one should be killed.

    I shall ignore the “at leave be clever” typo.

  • cm

    Totally tasteless demonstration for lack of class. Also the Korean media should learn a thing or two from their counterparts in Japan, to not print stories with these kinds of offensive signs held up by demonstrators. Japanese demonstrators have desecrated Korean flags with kill Korea and fuck Korea signs, but the Japanese media never printed those offending pictures, giving the misrepresented impression to foreigners that Japan’s protests against Korea were tasteful and peaceful.

  • Q

    I agree it’s unwise to write it like that. It could have been more creative and even funny. I think this anti-Japan rally picture in China was cute. Japanese were creative in anti-Korea rally where they drew cockroaches on Korean national flag and trample on it. Japanese were wise when they shout “Chon-ko wa karere” (Go home, you Korean bastard”) or “We’ll kill you” at “The Citizens’ Great March to Subjugate South Korea” in Korea town of Shinokubo leaving no trace of picture evidence of the racism, though I thought this netto uyoku picture was artistic.

  • Veritas

    Well, they might as well write “Kill the Japanese” because, as stated, “Kill Japs” is pretty darn vague. At least they could try sounding right if they’re going to print something like that in English.

    That said, however, I don’t really expect these kind of demonstrations to be all that intelligent to begin with. I’m sure, as cm stated, that Japanese anti-Korean demonstrations are equally tasteless even though they seem to be less abundant (I don’t think you can chalk all of that up to Japanese media’s ignorance/self-censorship though).

    I mean, hell, even without the sign the demonstrators are out there burning is a pirate-Japanese flag, which doesn’t really seem like a terribly intelligent form of demonstration. Then again, we had people burning the Koran in the U.S….

  • cm

    I got to hand it to the Japanese though, they leave no traces of any evidences that they have in control, that may go against them or embarrass them. Koreans on the other hand, don’t give a hoot that what they print can be offensive to others.

  • Q

    This anti-China picket signwas creative, whilst
    this anti-Korea sign was rather tasteless. Oh, I just noticed “Kill Korea” sign at the anti-Korea march two weeks ago in Shinjuku and Shiokubo, Tokyo. The “Kill Jap” sign seems a childish reaction to the anti-Korea sign.

  • Q

    The Korean demonstrators should make sincere apology to Jewish American Princess… :)

  • Koreansentry

    In Japan it’s almost normal to use slogans like Kill Korea or Koreans or dirty cockroach Koreans! so why not we can’t use similar slogans against to Japanese? Btw, the word “Jap” isn’t use by Koreans it was use by American.

  • numberoneoppa

    @8: It’s pretty apparent from the source link who was using the phrase. While I don’t have any problem with people speaking however they’d like to, I think that these demonstrators are just idiots. Burning flags? Come on.

  • Bendrix

    I always find the succinct “F*** _____” signs pretty hilarious when they’re being held up by an Asian nationalist protestor. I don’t know why. It’s just funny.

  • Q

    Rodney Rude has one:


  • http://www.zenkimchi.com/FoodJournal ZenKimchi

    Maybe it was a misunderstanding. When I worked in the kitchen of a Mexican restaurant, “japs” was short for “jalapenos.” So maybe “kill jap” was a message to the nacho delivery guy to 86 the jalapenos.

  • Q

    In recent anti-China demonstrations of Japanese right-wingers, they refrain from actions that might stimulate Chinese, whilst they feel free to do any insulting signs and gestures at anti-Korea rallies. Shinokubo Korea Town plans to have Korea-Japan Festival this Saturday and Japanese right wing asshats pledged to disturb the event.

    How about anti-Russian rally of Japanese right-wingers? There is no such a thing. Japanese right-wingers are like coward bullies who target weakest student in a classroom.

  • frogmouth

    Actually the Japanese government works with right wing NGOs on the sly to back territorial issues.

    For example Shimane Prefecture utilized the Japanese branch of Junior Chamber International to make vids that depicted Koreans Chinese, Russians and Taiwanese as kidnappers and thieves.


    Japan’s national goverment also employed Junior Chamber International (JCI) to make their propaganda video. This video uses ugly charicatures of Koreans Chinese and Russians as well.


    JCI’s mission statements are as follows:
    That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life
    That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations
    That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise
    That government should be of laws rather than of men
    That earth’s great treasure lies in human personality
    And that service to humanity is the best work of life.

    However, the Japanese highjacked this organization and turned into their own propaganda machine for their territorial expansionst agenda!

    What farce!!