On the subject of apology, when is it enough?

With the countdown to the general election hotting up, I came across an
opinion column
in the Hankyoreh with the title :
“Dear Park Kunhae, We are not hoping for an apology”.
It is a very well-written piece invoked by the recent crazy comment by Park about “Yushin and 5.16” that she would leave it to history to make a judgement. (Yes, she apparently did say this!)

It’s written from very much the point of view of the surviving family members of “Inhyuk Incident” where those Inhyuk activists were executed a mere 18 hours after being found guilty.

역사의 판단에 맡기자는 말을 듣고 몸서리쳐지게 분노했던 기억도 새삼스럽게 납니다. 1989년 1월 일본 ‘천황’ 히로히토가 세상을 떠났습니다. 무려 63년 동안 천황의 지위에 있었던 그도 결국 세상을 떴습니다. 우리에게 아무리 모진 짓을 했기로서니 26㎏의 찌그러진 몸으로 세상을 떠난 89살 노인에게 왜 조금이라도 연민의 정이 없었겠습니까만, 그런 연민의 정을 가질 겨를도 없었습니다.당시 일본 총리 다케시타 노보루가 국회에서 히로히토의 전쟁 책임과 관련해서 그 전쟁의 성격에 대해 역사의 판단에 맡기자고 했거든요. 동의하십니까? 이런 걸 우리는 망언이라고 부릅니다.

The piece goes on to note that this preposterous statement is something that also came out of the mouth of the prime minister of Japan (Takeshita Noboru) on the responsibility and the character of Hirohito’s War at the time of death of Emperor Hirohito. Incidentally, the writer said he did want to feel sympathy for the 89-year-old man who departed from this world weighing a frail 26kg, but that sympathy turned to anger immediately by such irresponsible utterance by Noboru.

I always did think that Park lived in a bubble.

지난 3월 후보님께서는 산업화 과정에서 본의 아니게 희생된 분들께 항상 죄송한 마음을 가져왔다며 사과의 뜻을 표하셨습니다. ‘본의 아니게’란 표현이 너무나 마음에 걸렸습니다. ‘본의 아니게’라뇨?

Apparently back in March Park also said she’d always felt sorry for those “inadvertently” sacrificed during the process of industrialization. Inadvertently? Seriously?

The parallel drawn between her stance and some Japanese and its defenders on the subject of what the people want was too apt to pass.

And the conclusion was that never mind the apology, please do not rub salt on the wound.

  • Stereo

    Koreans should learn the true history.

    In China, Japanese army killed, wounded, and raped millions of Chinese, and destroyed their property during WW2. The Japanese feel very sorry for it.

    In the Philippines, Japanese army killed, wounded, and raped hundreds of thousands of Filipino/Filipina, and destroyed their property during WW2. The Japanese feel very sorry for it.

    In Indonesia, Japanese army killed, wounded, and raped hundreds of thousands of Indonesians, and destroyed their property during WW2. The Japanese feel very sorry for it.

    But, in Korea how many war victims were there during WW2? There was no major battle fought during WW2 in Korea. No Korean soldiers were killed by Japanese. Korea was a proud member of axis to begin with. There were no civilian casualties. I do not think executed terrorists would count as war victims. International laws at that time allowed such treatment for terrorists.

    Koreas should realize how silly it looks from the eyes of other Asians to behave as if they were the biggest victim of WW2.

    Let us suppose a thief robbed you $10, but you accuse the thief that he took $1000 rather than $10. Do you think he will sincerely apologize?

  • http://koreanlanguagenotes.blogspot.com/ gbevers

    Yuna wrote:

    It is a very well-written piece invoked by the recent crazy comment by Park about “Yushin and 5.16” that she would leave it to history to make a judgement. (Yes, she apparently did say this!)

    That is not a crazy comment. In other words, she wants to focus on the Now and the Future, not on her father’s past. She is not her father.

  • Q
  • Q

    The #2 was a response to slim’s comment at ‘so, did banning prostitution lead to increase in sex crimes?’

  • Q


    Mr. contradictiction, you again contradict yourself to this comment of yours.

  • yuna

    These people you deem terrorists show the way the very sane, rational Japanese such as yourself (if you are) are “leaving it to history to judge” itself, makes me shudder.

    There were no civilian casualties,


    Korea was a proud member of axis to begin with.

    I’m sorry, but what?
    If you mean this there is no “Korea” and could it be because it was forcibly occupied by Japan which killed the Korean civilians like this?

    The majority of Japanese I have met do not feel particularly “sorry for the Chinese” they raped and pillaged either, certainly the Chinese do not seem to think that the Japanese feel that way so maybe you should keep it up.

    However, if the Koreans “act like they were the biggest victims of WW2” then you are right, they should not. They were much larger victims for longer than just of the “WW2″.

  • jk641


    Korea was a proud member of axis to begin with.

    Where did you go to school.

    Did you also learn that 6 million Koreans proudly volunteered to serve the Japanese empire during WWII, gladly working in horrid conditions in mines and such, and hundreds of thousands proudly died, many of them were proudly massacred and dumped in mass graves?

    And tens of thousands of Korean women proudly volunteered to be sex slaves for Japanese military, were proudly raped dozens of times a day, and were proud to be shot when they got ill?
    Were proud to be left with venereal diseases, or infertile, if they even survived the war, and were so proud that they never told their living family members about their experiences?
    And they are so proud to this day, that many of them never returned to Korea, but are living out their last days in places such as China?

    We Koreans sure are proud to have served the Japanese empire.
    We were so sad when Japan lost the war and had to let us go.
    We really wanted to keep our Japanese names, and keep speaking Japanese, and be treated like dogs in our own country.
    It broke our hearts when we had to declare independence.
    Why did you have to let us go??

  • yuna

    Where did you go to school

    The same place as Park Kunhae did. The school of “letting history be the judge” or, Japan.

  • yuna

    However, I do thank you for your valued input. Due to the fact that I have extremely close Japanese childhood friends, I tend to forget that opinions like yours form the majority in Japan (as we keep being told that except for the “crazy” van people and “senile” politicians the Japanese are not that way)

  • TheKorean2

    You do know that most of the bunkers (if not all) that were built for Japanese during WW2 were built by Korean slave laborers. There’s an American documentary about it. Wartime companies like Mitsubishi never said an apology nor did they gave the compensation to these victims that are alive today. So sad.

  • mickster

    I went to school in Japan, but I would never say a thing like #1.
    Japanese history textbooks do not teach you such a version of history, despite all its shortcomings. Sounds like the teachings of Q’s favorate? Nippon Kaigi.

    jk641@7 says it all. Most Koreans who worked for Imperial Japan were victims of occupation. I really resent comments like #1 more than any comments blaming Japan. Pathetic.

  • Stereo

    >jk641, #7
    >Where did you go to school.
    Ask anyone outside of Korea, if Korea was on axis or allied.
    The fact that Korean soldiers killed thousands of allied soldiers does not change.
    Japan has a long list of things to apologize. But Korea is only at the bottom of the list.

  • mickster

    dispite all THEIR shortcomings, that is.
    I hope #1 is not Japanese.

  • Tacitus1.1

    I’m not a Korean, but here’s what I’m going to do…. I’m going to learn the TRUE history!! Bwahahahaha.

    Everybody knows Korea was a major participant of the axis. Their allies included Poland, Yugoslavia, Greece…. France. Jeez guys learn the TRUE history already

  • Q

    mickster wrote:

    Sounds like the teachings of Q’s favorate? Nippon Kaigi.

    Yes, Nippon Kaigi. mickster, I think you represent more reasonable Japanese of silent majority.

    Nippon Kaigi Kokkai Giin Kondankai (日本会議国会議員懇談会)

    Multi-partisan. Established in 1997 and is the largest organization demanding the revision of the constitution. The Japan League, often called the “Japan Conference” in English, denies that World War II was a war of aggression; it downplays the Nanjing Masacre; wants education reform with a strong central control and an educaatino curriculum based on patriotic values; and rejects equality between the sexes. Diet Members’ Japan League was established to support and work with Japan League.

    The Diet Member’s Japan League has three main political goals: 1) history/education/family issues; 2) defense/diplomacy/territory issues (headed by current PM Abe Shinzo in 2002); and 3) Constitution/Imperial Family/Yasukuni Shrine issues. It has succeeded in producing a textbook on morality, Note for Heart.

    LDP Policy Research Council Chairman Shoichi Nakagawa is the Acting Chair, Prime Minister Abe is the Deputy Chief Secretary, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Hakubun Shimomura is the Secretary General and Foreign Minister Taro Aso is a Special Advisers to Prime Minister Abe belong to this group. The League’s President is Takeo Hiranuma, former METI minister, who is a signatory to the “Facts” advertisement in the Washington Post.

    Website: http://www.nipponkaigi.org

    [Source: LINK]

    Rightwing f*ckhead politicians in Japan and ruthless PRC commie leaders are most despicable figures in Asia.

  • Q


    You can find “TRUE” history you might get sucked into at Society the Dissemination of Historical Fact where it says The US, not Japan, was the Aggressor. I’m sure it will fascinates many f*ckheads.

  • hardyandtiny

    Japan went to war and killed people, if they hadn’t done it someone else would have. This type of thing happens all the time, it’s nothing new and it will continue to happen until the end of time. Japan lost the war, it’s over, there’s no need for an apology. Move the fuck on Korea.

  • mickster

    Ah, “true” history here at Society for the Dissemination…

    I might feel like believing it with all its “evidence” materials.
    But a more simple question is, if Japan was so fatherly during her rule over Korea, there would be little reason for Koreans to lie about it and hate Japan, something that the society fails to address for all its “Japan wasn’t that bad” writings.

  • jk641


    Let me rewrite that for you:

    Japan invaded other countries and killed/raped/tortured millions of people.
    If they hadn’t done it, there wouldn’t have been a war in the Pacific.
    Most countries in the world are peaceful and don’t attack other countries.

    Japan lost the war, but Japanese like you apparently haven’t learned the lesson.

    (It’s like a rapist telling his victims family, “Hey, rapes happen all the time. I got caught and served time, so it’s over. Move the fuck on.”

  • Bendrix

    hardyandtiny, do you really think war is inevitable? so humans have no free will? we must fight wars. invade or be invaded? that’s a little obtuse. what’s the point of diplomacy then? why make friends? it’s all gonna deteriorate into bloodshed eventually. remind me of that if we ever meet so I can preemptively attack you. what would be your preferred method of victimization? shall I punch, kick or slap you? or would you rather I push you into traffic? your belligerent mentality is some bygone relic of the Cold War and before. humans have succeeded because we are a social species and I don’t see why we should insist on maintaining and defending tribal groupings.

  • TheKorean2

    Stereo, Japan did horrible things in different degrees to every country in Asia, enough said. Japan was actually the culprit that lead to Korea to the division right now. Thank you Japan!

  • http://pawikoreapics.blogspot.com/ pawikirogii 石鵝

    ‘Move the fuck on Korea.’

    yeah, tell the jew to move the fuck on, prick. japan for korea is an existential threat. i’m sure you understand.

  • Tacitus1.1

    One thing that I never really understood from the Korea perspective, and I’m dead serious here, maybe Pawi could help me understand…(strange as that may be) but was there a large feeling of solidarity with the Americans as they fire bombed Japan? Even a contemporary revisionist movement to feign such a sentiment. Shit I do know!

  • sojufan_5944

    hardyandtiny, foad, fucking retard…