With the countdown to the general election hotting up, I came across an
opinion column
in the Hankyoreh with the title :
“Dear Park Kunhae, We are not hoping for an apology”.
It is a very well-written piece invoked by the recent crazy comment by Park about “Yushin and 5.16” that she would leave it to history to make a judgement. (Yes, she apparently did say this!)

It’s written from very much the point of view of the surviving family members of “Inhyuk Incident” where those Inhyuk activists were executed a mere 18 hours after being found guilty.

역사의 판단에 맡기자는 말을 듣고 몸서리쳐지게 분노했던 기억도 새삼스럽게 납니다. 1989년 1월 일본 ‘천황’ 히로히토가 세상을 떠났습니다. 무려 63년 동안 천황의 지위에 있었던 그도 결국 세상을 떴습니다. 우리에게 아무리 모진 짓을 했기로서니 26㎏의 찌그러진 몸으로 세상을 떠난 89살 노인에게 왜 조금이라도 연민의 정이 없었겠습니까만, 그런 연민의 정을 가질 겨를도 없었습니다.당시 일본 총리 다케시타 노보루가 국회에서 히로히토의 전쟁 책임과 관련해서 그 전쟁의 성격에 대해 역사의 판단에 맡기자고 했거든요. 동의하십니까? 이런 걸 우리는 망언이라고 부릅니다.

The piece goes on to note that this preposterous statement is something that also came out of the mouth of the prime minister of Japan (Takeshita Noboru) on the responsibility and the character of Hirohito’s War at the time of death of Emperor Hirohito. Incidentally, the writer said he did want to feel sympathy for the 89-year-old man who departed from this world weighing a frail 26kg, but that sympathy turned to anger immediately by such irresponsible utterance by Noboru.

I always did think that Park lived in a bubble.

지난 3월 후보님께서는 산업화 과정에서 본의 아니게 희생된 분들께 항상 죄송한 마음을 가져왔다며 사과의 뜻을 표하셨습니다. ‘본의 아니게’란 표현이 너무나 마음에 걸렸습니다. ‘본의 아니게’라뇨?

Apparently back in March Park also said she’d always felt sorry for those “inadvertently” sacrificed during the process of industrialization. Inadvertently? Seriously?

The parallel drawn between her stance and some Japanese and its defenders on the subject of what the people want was too apt to pass.

And the conclusion was that never mind the apology, please do not rub salt on the wound.