With China—Japan relations at their lowest ebb since, well, the last time there were mass anti-Japanese protests in China, it’s easy to forget the human toll of these political disputes.

Japanese AV star and model Sora Aoi, who has built up quite the following in China, posted on her Weibo blog that she hoped ordinary people could maintain good relations. She wrote she was a person, too, and that she felt bad.

So far, so good.

Then she posted a piece of calligraphy that read, “Japan—China Friendship.”

Uh-oh. You see, she put the character for “Japan” before the character for “China.”

The Chinese netizenry was not amused.

Ten minutes later, the actress posted another piece of calligraphy with characters put in their “proper” place, with China first. It was too little, too late, though. She got about 100,000 comments, mostly of the anti-Japanese sort.

In fact, there was one report that a man held a protest at a square in Dalian—one of my favorite cities, incidentally—holding up a sign saying, “Sora Aoi, I don’t need you anymore. Return the Diaoyu Islands.”

Heartbreaking stuff.