After a couple of days in Edinburgh, I’m home again.

Edinburgh was absolutely lovely—it’s a shame I couldn’t spend more time there. Probably the most picturesque city I’ve ever been to. Got a chance to snap the Forth Railway Bridge, too, which I’d hoping to do for quite some time.

As I said on Facebook, though, say what you will about Korea, but it certain has its IT and transportation shit together. Spent a lot of time at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, which I’m told is one of Europe’s best airports. To be sure, it was quite nice, the staff were very friendly, and compared to the Third World shitholes that are the United States’ major ports of entry, it was a veritable paradise. But still, it couldn’t hold a candle to Incheon International Airport in terms of architecture, facilities or ease of use.

And as far as Wifi access goes, there’s no comparison at all.

PS: Can’t say enough good thing about Xanax. I’m usually petrified of flying, but this time around, I was happy as a clam.