• H.Schmidt

    Samsung and LG make the best refrigerators and freezers in the world.

  • http://www.busanhaps.com Bobby McGill

    Don’t know enough about refrigerators to make a call on that. I have a Daewoo that does well with keeping my green tea with honey cool, and my ice cubes are indeed ice and cubes.

    I am certain that Korea makes the best K-pop though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OodlCcf2GoA

  • http://gypsyscholarship.blogspot.com/ jefferyhodges

    “[M]y ice cubes are indeed ice and cubes.”

    Those ice cubes better not have rounded corners!

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  • madar

    I have found all LG home appliance products in my house to be top notch, surpassing my expectation. (Although the price point is still outrageous. I mean $100 for a microwave? Where are these free trade agreements?) I have generally had problems with Samsung home appliances. Spent a month trying to return one and have had others under perform. I steer clear of them now.

  • Q

    psy and Ha Jiwon ads were cute:


  • brier

    I have never understood the need for a kimchi refrigerator. Seems like a matketing ploy and it becomes a serious drain of electricity.

  • Ex-Ex-Pat

    Has anyone mentioned that Kangnam Style sounds life an LMFAO song with a Korean over-dub? How appropriate that Samsung uses a rip-offer of American innovation as a spokesperson.

  • http://www.biblegateway.com setnaffa

    @6 brier has never tasted kimchi-flavored butter before?

    Point is well taken as they are often 3x-4x the price of a “normal” refridgerator; but separation of aromatic stuff from stuff like butter and cheese is kind of important to some folks.

    We only have one fridge; but there are times when we think about adding another…

  • SomeguyinKorea


    Innovation implies that their music isn’t retrogressive.

  • dokdoforever

    So much for the alleged subversive anti-materialistic message of Kangnam style.

  • R. Elgin

    I do not know about LG refrigerators but Samsung has innumerable complaints about the quality of their refrigerators in the US. A simple search of the internet demonstrates this too though you won’t find any local complaints since that would be taken as slander and attract the attention of lawyers.

  • keyinjpop

    I go to one forum where they made this comparison plenty of times. I’m wondering if they will use the animated Psy you see on his album covers in any of their ads.

  • slim

    The shape of Samsung refrigerators reminds me of earlier Frigidairs.

  • broona

    I have a Samsung refrigerator and it works just fine. I also frequent another site (which shall remain nameless, but will say that it relates to makeup, fashion, home decorating) where the posters have frequently mentioned that they love their Samsung refrigerators. Proud to say, I also own an LG washer and flat screen t.v. Both wonderful products!

  • broona

    Incidentally, I first learned of Psy’s Gangnam style song/video through that site.

  • bumfromkorea

    @ brier

    I felt that way too until my mom got one when I was in high school. Holy crap, that stuff just changes how kimchi tastes. If you eat kimchi frequently, kimchi refrigerator is worth their cost and more.

  • brier

    I dont have that much kimchi or cheese in the fridge. Whats there we just keep sealed well.

    Households bellyache about their electricity bills but they are running two huge fridges, a huge flatscreen tv, one or more computer with a flatscreen and all the other sundry appliances that go with the perfect modern, better than the Jones’s, household. Keep it simple.

  • Q

    A smart kimchi-craving Polish drew a neat algorithm of making kimchi:


  • Wedge

    My GE fridge works just fine, thank you, as well as my Whirlpool washer and Panasonic TV. Also, for balance, a Daewoo “Tank” microwave from the mid-90s still can excite the electrons pretty well.

    In the early 90s I soured big time on Samsung and Goldstar appliances. Just a bunch of junk. Washers would shred clothes and TVs act up. Not even a landline phone would last more than three months before the numbers 7, 8 and 9 stopped functioning. Thankfully I had a connection who got me a GE phone on the base the next day.

  • Q

    Wedge, now is not ’90s. Bloomberg report today:

    Within six months of assuming office, President Takashi Okuda, 59, is firing employees for the first time in six decades after widening Sharp’s full-year loss forecast eightfold on plunging demand for TVs. Sharp’s troubles are symptomatic of what’s ailing Japanese consumer electronics companies Sony Corp. (6758) and Panasonic Corp. (6752) as they reel from competition with TVs and phones by Samsung Electronics Co. (005930) and LG Electronics Inc. (066570)

    [Full text: HERE]

  • hacker

    Wow Q only 20 posts before you managed to find something to slam Japan for. Maybe you should contact that Polish girl and get some lessons in broadening your outlook of the world cuz everything Korean is not perfect same as everywhere else. At least this dude might be trying to do something to put the ship back on course rather than just pretending problems don’t exist.

  • Q

    Is it rare to find comments that slam Korea in every post at TMH? Many posts here are about Korea Japan relation. And wedge compared Panasonic to Samsung and LG. Why Japan should be exempted from criticism?

  • Q

    And on what earth on my post, did I suggest Korea does not have any problems?

  • hacker

    Q thats just it nothing in your post suggested anything but the article that you copy and pasted did. Maybe you should read what you are about to copy beforehand. Read the last couple of lines of your entry and be honest, if not with me at least yourself. Maybe next time paraphrase the stuff and write it in your own words.

  • Q

    I write my words when it is more appropriate. I quote when it is necessary. Whether I quote or write my own words is none of your business.

  • http://www.sperwerslog.com Sperwer

    Actually one of your drivel is any of our business, so why don’t you go away and play with your snot-filled handkerchief by yourself.

  • Q

    Who is “our”?

  • hacker

    Q – When I see you say something critical about Korea I might just pay attention. As I see it, Wedge wasn’t slamming Korea, just relating his past experiences which soured him on Samsung and Goldstar appliances, that is how Brand Loyalty is developed or lost. When I thing of some companies there are a number of things that come to mind based on past experiences, FORD = Fix Or Repair Daily, Samsux’s for example.

  • Q

    wedge was talking about 90’s and I introduced an article what it is today.

  • hacker

    Well it sure is Q because I have to wade through your drivel to get to the meat and potatoes. You see, I prefer to read original thoughts regarding topics posted here so it is my business since I value my time and you have a direct negative impact on my experiences here.

  • Q

    You can avoid reading anybody you do not like to read. That how id is marked for.

  • Yu Bum Suk

    It’s getting to that time when my neighbour will drop by with a big, stinky bowl of Kimchi I’ll re-give to a Korean friend.

  • hacker

    Q – You introduced someone else’s compilation of what they think it is today. If I felt so inclined I could probably dig up enough dirt on anyone’s products to do the same for today, Samsung included. Brand recognition is based on experiences not on Bloombergs report. Now put down your energy drink, pick up your smokes, leave the PC joint your in and get a partner, trust me you will feel better.

  • Q

    If you think it is irrelevant, do not read it. I do not write comments to satisfy your readership.

  • hacker

    Q – sorry but I still have to wade through your drival to get there. You have a habit of hijacking every decent conversation here and I have to waste the time skipping over it all. And on that note….ZZZZZ

  • Q

    You can always scroll down.

  • hacker

    Q – maybe you should as I am sure I am not alone. BTW, how does it feel to know that most everything you post is irrelevent?

  • hacker

    Q – wipe your chin the drool is starting to pool on your desktop

  • Q

    Most of my posts were debate with gbevers. In this post, I made links about psy, Samsung vs. Panasonic and response to you. What the heck is irrelevant? Again, scroll down, if your readership does not think it does not flatter your readership.

  • hacker

    Sorry there Q aside from scroll down I am not even going to attempt to figure that last part out. Also, I wouldn’t call what you and gbevers doing debating, you two are both like Dokdo and Takeshima, a pair of rocks stuck in the same spot repeating the same stuff over and over , unyielding and unsustainable. Again, be honest with yourself it was a dig plain and simple.

  • http://bcarr.com Brendon Carr

    I’ve posted many times here about my experience with a Goldstar microwave I bought at the Osan AB BX in August 1990 for US$99. It worked flawlessly until giving up the ghost last year — 21 years of service for less than US$100. They do not make ’em like that anymore but I’m still favorably disposed toward LG appliances.

  • Wedge

    The problem is that Samsung and LG boost their prices here in order to offer lower prices overseas in pursuit of market share. So, even if their quality has improved, they still treat Korea like a closed market. Fortunately, I am able to buy H-P PCs at great, almost U.S.-like prices, and Carrier for air con at home–so the big boys don’t have a complete monopoly.

    BC: That Daewoo microwave goes back to at least ’94, has been possessed by a few expats over the years and it still works just fine.

    Regarding kimchi–that is not allowed in the fridge. Once in, the smell cannot be removed no matter how much bleach and/or Arm and Hammer you use.

  • Maximus2008

    hamel wrote:

    “Read the last couple of lines of your entry and be honest, if not with me at least yourself.”

    Hamel, you’re asking too much from a lonely 18-yr old, affraid of going to military service, who has a google alert for everything he posts here. Agree that if he would find a date things would probably improve for him, but then it depends on his mama connections for the blind date.

  • R. Elgin

    I have to say I like LG appliances far more than the expensive and poorly engineered Samsung consumer appliances I’ve bought. The 1995 Goldstar TV I have has better color than the flatscreens I compare it to and that is considering the color drift that occurs over time in the electron guns. The subtlety of color displayed is remarkable.

  • hacker

    Maximus – don’t want to get hamel in trouble, that was my remark.

  • jkitchstk

    A former found out liar and cheater connects with a current one, nice. How fitting!

  • Q

    hacker, ask honesty to ministry of Japanese propaganda and its hirees at Korea blogsphere.

  • hacker

    Q – Huh? Why would I ask honesty from them when I am communicating with you? Are you trying to tell me that you work for the ministry of Japanese propaganda and are of its hirees at Korea blogsphere? I really didn’t think that was the case when I asked you to be honest with yourself but if you say so it must be true.

    jkitchstk – are you on drugs or what? Who, or what, are you talking about?

  • Q

    hacker, why are you trying to cover up for Japan? Last time you did that too for Nippon Kaigi.

  • hacker

    Q – Yep, I’m the leader of the band that was made for you and me, M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E, oh wait different club membership. Seriously, is that the best you can do? Falling back on my somehow trying to cover-up for Japan and that Nippon Kaigi. My issue is with narrow-minded people like you who couldn’t argue their way out of a paper bag.

  • cm

    Sorry, Samsux haters, but it’s rated as the number one fridge by JD Power’s in design and reliability. In fact, Samsux tops out pretty much most of the home appliances category.


  • R. Elgin

    “cm” – I call bullshite on your review and anyone that claims that Samsung refrigerators are excellent. As I discovered a few years ago with their top air filter, the engineering design inside is poorly executed:


  • R. Elgin

    P.S. didn’t any of you do a search under “samsung refrigerator problems” or do you always shop on the fly?

  • padaajoshi

    Samsung can make appliances much better than Psy can sing.

    In fact, does Psy sing, or does he just speak in a gruff voice over a soundtrack made by a computer?

  • hacker

    Does it matter? He’s about to make more bank than most anyone on this board. Boy gets to enjoy his 15 minutes of international fame and he’s doing it without pissing anyone off (yet).

  • padaajoshi

    Hacker: Yeah, without pissing anyone off. That’s the Korean way.

  • padaajoshi

    Brier: The need for a “kimchi refrigerator” is paramount. It’s to keep the horrible smell of kimchi from contaminating everything else.

  • mickster

    “you two are both like Dokdo and Takeshima, a pair of rocks … unyielding and unsustainable.”
    Belatedly, you win my quote of the week. I mean no offense to anyone, but I got a kick out of it and cannot help commenting.
    BTW, I’m doing fine with the first-generation Galaxy Tab, thank you very much.
    This thread reminds of a scene from Back to the Future III, in which Doc in the 60’s says “No wonder this circuit failed. It says Made in Japan.” To which Marty from the 80’s responds, “What do you mean, Doc? All the best stuff is made in Japan.” Now we are on the defensive. A lot of good stuff comes from Korea and Chinese are genius at making Samsung and Apple lookalikes.

    And Q is 18? Do you go to International School or something? Amazing writing skills. I never can come up with phrases like ruthless d*** — maybe my quote of last week, the taste of it notwithstanding — although I once made a living writing English.
    Just amazing.