The Power of Youtube

We have had discussions in the past about the power of the number of youtube clicks in relation to k-pop, so I feel like I must link to the after-MTV VMA-awards-interview with Psy here:
I only recently experienced its power a about a month ago in some god-forsaken town in Denmark where my brother hit the local “hotspot” he got the name off a hot blond Danish girl working in a sushi retaurant, only to find only one girl dancing in the “club” (it was a Wednesday night) and they were playing “Kangnam Style” in the “club”. How random!

There have been a lot of mainstream interest from big Hollywood names and talk shows in this guy, as I’m sure you all know and can link to in the comments section below.

Talking of funny music videos, my brother showed me these two by 정턱과 쾌남들:
내친구 매리야스
Hilarious, if you understand Korean.

  • brier

    Tag as k-pop. I like all the all chicks dancing and singing, but can we call them for what they are~ preformance artists. k-pop front men/women have little in common with musical artists.

  • alexander1982

    Even on the foreigner run blog we have to hear about K-pop? Silly. K-pop is bad American pop made worse but with an Asian face. I have a few K-Amer friends who make music in Korea and they’ll tell you its true.

    Allusions of grandeur — no one had heard of Gangnam Style

  • alexander1982

    Apologies for errors above. it’s and has heard

  • keyinjpop

    Just read an article about Psy appearing on TMZ here in the states:
    Surprised the hype hasn’t died down yet.

  • berto
  • yuna

    Wouldn’t say no one.
    It’s pop. Pop-music is more of a phenomenon than music anyway and everybody knows that.
    I have friends whose parents say they will never set foot in Burger King or MacDonalds. They cannot understand how anybody can eat there.. ah, the narrow minds of the bourgeoisie…

  • yuna

    Wow such similar hairstyle, but a world of difference in the 끼”kki”( talent, or the ‘it’ factor, or the stage presence) and the 몸치 “momchi” ness (body/coordination/dance/rhythm challenged)

    Psy has been around/famous a LONG time in Korea. He has even been to the army and back.

  • Q

    LA moms’ Baby Gangnam style is the cutest psy cover I’ve seen:

  • CactusMcHarris

    How about the power of a Ghost Marmot (South Thompson clan) laying pipe?

    Sorry for the quality, but being a ghost, it caught me unaware.

  • Seth Gecko

    “Psy has been around/famous a LONG time in Korea. He has even been to the army and back.”

    …and there and back again.

    Lol Psy, you fat lucky bastard.

  • cm

    Hey did you hear about the life guards in university of california who got fired for making a cover video of Psy’s MV?

    The video that got them in trouble was this video

    Here’s the local NBC news story clip.

  • dokdoforever

    I’m beginning to feel Kangnam’d out..
    The shark is soon to be jumped.

  • thedrew

    “Allusions of grandeur — no one had heard of Gangnam Style”

    Seeing as it has been on Leno, the MTV Music Awards and is one of the most viral videos in history, there is no illusion any more.

    The rest of the K-pop industry possible, but when this dude has Tom Cruise, Josh Grobin and T-pain tweeting about you, signed by Scooter Braun to a contract as well as Katy Perry and Taylor Swift asking for pictures with you (not vice versa), I think you have done well for yourself in today’s music scene.

    I’m personally very happy for the guy. He is hilarious and full of passion for what he does. I wouldn’t group him with other singers in Korea at all.

  • redwhitedude

    Psy definately does not belong with the manufactured acts. He does his own choreography and composes his own songs.

    I think it is shallow to view Kpop purely as manufactured acts. What about bands like Peter Pan Complex?

    In all fairness all these manufactured acts are just entry point for these kids/people who want to become involved as entertainers. They may not end up as singers but do something else eventually.

    I’m not too keen on those agencies such as JYP, and SM. YG is a little better of the big three their acts don’t come across as manufactured as the others but still somewhat manufactured.

  • redwhitedude

    you obviously haven’t been keeping tabs on this blog. Everytime there is dokdo mentioned it provokes a long running debate between Gbevers and people like Q. Mentioning Kpop is nothing.

  • Yu Bum Suk

    I have to say there’s something I like about a fat guy approaching middle age with a music degree he earned himself succeeding where all the factory-produced long-legged and six-packed bum shakers have completely failed: K-pop’s long-desired holy grail, the English-world audience.

  • Maximus2008

    “I’m personally very happy for the guy. He is hilarious and full of passion for what he does. I wouldn’t group him with other singers in Korea at all.”

    “Psy definately does not belong with the manufactured acts. He does his own choreography and composes his own songs.”

    IMHO, these are probably the most intelligent comments I’ve read on k-pop. Psy deserves credit for not being like these fabricated creatures, for being original and “not standard” (after all, he is fat, and doesn’t take himself seriously, besides his video being full of criticism that maybe only a few people understood).

  • R. Elgin

    True enough, SM and JYP, etc. could not manufacture something like Psy though they understand the business side of manipulating media and hooking up deals with media outlets. They really only know the business of it, however, I appreciate the support some corporate sponsors can give on those rare occasions when the business and music come together.

    Still, explaining why something is good to business heads who have money is not an easy vocation.

  • cm

    Yeah, but look who signed with, the company that manages and manufactures Justin Bieber.

  • keyinjpop

    #15 and 19,
    I often wonder about the whole “manufactured” label these idols get. Perhaps most just want to entertain but I know some idols do have a hand in the music making (lyrics and/or compositions).

  • redwhitedude

    As long they sell and are popular these “manufactured” acts will continue to exist, god knows when that will be. These three labels look like the entertainment equivalent of Chaebols. They pretty much hog the broadcasts such as music bank, ingikay, etc… They don’t give much room for independent acts just like I mentioned. YG tends to give more creative control to the performers but that’s also because they seem to focus more of artistic talent as musician/singers when picking their trainees as opposed to other agencies.

  • cm

    It’s good to see him make it so big world wide. I just hope he doesn’t turn into another William Hung.

  • berto

    the macarena/ i’m too sexy of 2012.

  • Bobby McGill

    #17 Yu Bum Suk. Agreed.

  • df