We have had discussions in the past about the power of the number of youtube clicks in relation to k-pop, so I feel like I must link to the after-MTV VMA-awards-interview with Psy here:
I only recently experienced its power a about a month ago in some god-forsaken town in Denmark where my brother hit the local “hotspot” he got the name off a hot blond Danish girl working in a sushi retaurant, only to find only one girl dancing in the “club” (it was a Wednesday night) and they were playing “Kangnam Style” in the “club”. How random!

There have been a lot of mainstream interest from big Hollywood names and talk shows in this guy, as I’m sure you all know and can link to in the comments section below.

Talking of funny music videos, my brother showed me these two by 정턱과 쾌남들:
내친구 매리야스
Hilarious, if you understand Korean.