The Korea Times, once again with the Apple “patriotic” ruling schtick, is digging up the old debate that iPhone ripped off Samsung’s F700.

There is some choice irony though. The KT copied Psy, calling the article: “Copycatting ― Apple style.”

Trendy titling aside, the only sources for the piece are two unnamed Samsung executives.

And then there is the Apple memo –with a photo– “obtained by The Korea Times,” sourced with the statement:

Now, what appears to be an internal memo from Apple appears to show it was the other way around — the U.S. firm copying designs from Samsung and LG Electronics.

That certainly appears solid.

The F700/iPhone debate was examined thoroughly -actually by an Apple un-friendly site, The Android Community— last year.  And that piece was very well sourced.

You can read it and decide for yourself here.

I must admit, F700 is a catchy name for a phone –one which I hope was trademarked before someone snatches it up. And there has to be some sort of patent for the extent of solid spin being churned out by unbiased media outlets.

Seriously though, regardless of where you stand on the issue, you have to love this comment posted on The Android Community site:

There’s also the possibility that they both ended up with similar designs through a display of the convergence theory in evolution, or “the acquisition of the same biological trait in unrelated lineages.”

That’s gotta be it.