After a series of brutal crimes, the conservative press seems to have gone “all-in” in making law-and-order a social issue.

Ye OIde Chosun talked with LA Deputy District Attorney Anne Park, who’s apparently a veteran in dealing with child sex abuse cases (I suppose you’d have to be when Cardinal Roger Mahony is your archbishop for 16 years).

Check out the lede—-welcome to Planet Chosun:

Opinion is growing that violent crimes like sexual assaults on children and impulse killings are occurring frequently because Korea’s society’s crime deterrence has weakened. Lenient verdicts on brutal crimes, a nominal death sentence system that hasn’t been used in 15 years, slack public order turning our streets at night into havens for crime, a drinking culture mass producing drunken violence, illegal online porn ceaselessly provoking savage impulses… the public is criticizing that this reality is turning Korea into a society of fear by weakening crime deterrence.

Holy shit! Thank God I brought my Kevlar vest to work today—no telling what woe awaits in the dark, dangerous alleys of Bukchon.

Anyway, Park noted that in Migukistan, perpetrators of particularly vicious sexual assaults can get what amounts to a life sentence, and no, sentences aren’t reduced if the criminal is drunk. Oh, and physical castration isn’t really an option in the modern world, and probably wouldn’t end sexual urges anyway. She also called for a thorough crackdown on porn. According to her, porn was found on the computers of most of the criminals that are caught (Porn? On a computer?)—the perps sit in their room and watch porn alone, and then relieve their sexual urges on powerless women.

Note: Before anyone starts in about the habit of Korean judges to reduce sentences if the perp was drunk, I’ll note that Korea isn’t the only society where large numbers of people find odd reasons for wanting to go easy on sexual assault (even if juries don’t agree).

Meanwhile, the JoongAng Ilbo reports that police are intensifying their crackdown on street crime:

Declaring a war on sex crimes, the police yesterday announced a one-month plan to intensify patrols and crack down on child pornography to reduce sex offenses against children and women.

Following a meeting of senior police officials, Police Commissioner General Kim Ki-yong held a press conference and announced a beefed-up public security plan to fight the recent surge of sex crimes and run-amok attacks. Public outrage reached a new peak after a 7-year-old girl in Naju, South Jeolla, was abducted from her home in the dead of night and raped by a neighbor last week. That followed a series of recent brutal crimes around the country.

“We became keenly aware that the police had failed to meet the public’s expectation to prevent the crimes,” said Kim. “We will use all authority and power given to us to prevent such heinous crimes.”

Might I suggest Commissioner Kim refer to LAPD’s excellent handling of street crime—-that’s one woman who won’t be talking on her cell phone while driving again.

The Dong-A Ilbo, meanwhile, looks at Korea’s death row. There are currently 60 inmates who have received death sentences. All together, they killed 207 people—that’s 3.5 victims per perp, and three of them killed 10 or more. And there are some truly, truly monstrous people in there. Despite the death penalty having been judged constitutional—twice—it hasn’t been used since 1997. The Dong-A notes the government spends 1.32 million won a year to keep these folk alive. That’s about 22 million won per inmate.

Wonder if anyone listens to John & Ken down at the Dong-A…