Stupid talk about rape: Not just an American thing

Ruling party chairman Hwang Woo-yea is coming under fire for saying during a party supreme council meeting that while legislation and boosting police strength have been discussed as short-term methods of dealing with increasingly brutal sexual assaults, he believed the fundamental solution was strengthen education, including character building, and create a social environment that encourages and protects families and marriage.

Criticism has come from within his own party, the opposition and, of course, the netizens.

  • ZenKimchi

    Reminds me of that Seoul town hall meeting for foreigners last year when a guy got uproarious applause for telling a story of how his little son was almost killed by a sidewalk motorcycle, saying that the city needs to enforce its traffic laws. The police chief responded with, “We will do more to educate motorcycle drivers.”

    No, freacking stop and ticket them!

  • martypants

    Really? Seoul police are worthless are tits on boar hogs, too? I thought it was just the cops in Ulsan that standd by and watch as multiple violations occur right in front of them

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  • Veritas

    Well, it’s far “better” than the comment made by Todd Atkin – of course, that doesn’t really mean Hwang Woo-yea’s comment was in any way intelligent, it just goes to show the extreme level of stupidity of Todd Atkin.

    That said, I would really like to know where he got this bright idea about “more education being needed”. Somehow I get the feeling that if you ask all the rapists who got caught, the primary reason why they decided to rape someone is probably not because “they did not get enough education” about the matter.