– The Fair Trade Commission (FTC) is looking to see if multinational firms are violating Korean patent law… not that this has anything to do with the Apple verdict, of course:

The FTC also plans to look into aggressive and allegedly unfair patent lawsuits filed by some multinational firms as a way to hinder the advance of Korean businesses in their markets or to profiteer by requesting too high licensing fees.

“The reason (behind the investigation) is that multinational firms have reportedly enforced their patents in an unfair manner through discriminative royalties policies, tie-in sales and unfair conditions in licensing contracts,” the official said.

– Samsung is strengthening its partnerships with American telecom providers to develop new designs.

– DLBarch was kind enough to link to the actual jury verdict.

– The real loser in the Samsung—Apple case is you.

– Hey, the Galaxy Note II has been unleashed!

– Samsung has, in all likelihood, earned a fanboy for life by sending a very, very cool Galaxy S III to a guy in Canada (HT to Stafford). I just hope Apple didn’t patent dragons.