The Korea Times notes that anti-Korean sentiment is growing in China in part because of growing person-to-person contacts.

This, of course, lends itself to a rather simple solution:

Won Dong-wook, a professor of China studies at Dong-A University in Busan, noted that the sharp growth of such exchanges is a root cause of anti-Korea sentiment in China and therefore is also a key to easing it.

“Given that Chinese students who have a hard time adapting to Korea and Korean universities tend to cause the negative sentiment through social media, I believe university authorities will need to adopt more stringent admissions policies,” he said.

Won said that currently, universities accept most Chinese students who express their intention to study here without imposing a strict admission process just to make money.

These young Chinese have an understanding of the Korean language and culture, and tweet the negative aspects of Korea to their friends and followers in China so that they can see them. Their friends then retweet this information, giving Chinese bloggers a bad impression of the country.

See? Limit the contacts, and you limit the negativity!

(HT to J.F. Power)