The pregnant Korean wife and son of a US diplomat were attacked by an autistic teen at Yeongdeungpo E-Mart on Wednesday.

And according to her, the staff just sat around and watched.

To make matters worse, the attacker’s family allegedly harassed the victim at the hospital:

The wife was transferred to Severance Hospital because she experienced labor pains. While receiving medication to relieve the pain, the attacker’s parents came to her ward and demanded that she not file a complaint against their son, saying he could be arrested.

“I had to call the U.S. Embassy in Seoul and have them contact the police to request that they evict the parents from my wife’s room, because the hospital failed to do so. Do victims in Korea have no protection from their attackers? Even at the hospital, the family of the attackers can come in at will and harassed the victim?” Townsend said.