It was supposed to be a fun day, a school-organized trip to the beach for a group of students from the Master’s College in Santa Clarita but it ended in tragedy.  In a strange accident, Sang Min-gyu (Paul), a Korean student, died after a large hole that he and his friends had dug collapsed upon him.

Sang had dug a sand pit with his friends Wednesday, but it collapsed on him. He was rushed to Ventura County Medical Center but succumbed to his injuries.

According to witnesses who spoke to NBC4, the sand pit was about six feet deep.

After the victim and his friends has finished digging the sand pit with their hands and tools, which took about 15 minutes, Sang climbed into it to take a picture, fire-rescue officials said.

While I can appreciate International Business Times’ article, I am not sure I agree with the direction the article is taking – especially considering the title “Student Dies In Sand Pit: Should Mingyu Sang Have Known Better?” and the closing sentence:

Should the family Sang was staying with have warned him about the dangers of playing in the sand?