Korean student dies in bizarre accident in California

It was supposed to be a fun day, a school-organized trip to the beach for a group of students from the Master’s College in Santa Clarita but it ended in tragedy.  In a strange accident, Sang Min-gyu (Paul), a Korean student, died after a large hole that he and his friends had dug collapsed upon him.

Sang had dug a sand pit with his friends Wednesday, but it collapsed on him. He was rushed to Ventura County Medical Center but succumbed to his injuries.

According to witnesses who spoke to NBC4, the sand pit was about six feet deep.

After the victim and his friends has finished digging the sand pit with their hands and tools, which took about 15 minutes, Sang climbed into it to take a picture, fire-rescue officials said.

While I can appreciate International Business Times’ article, I am not sure I agree with the direction the article is taking – especially considering the title “Student Dies In Sand Pit: Should Mingyu Sang Have Known Better?” and the closing sentence:

Should the family Sang was staying with have warned him about the dangers of playing in the sand?

  • http://www.chinasmack.com/tag/funny/page/3 Jakgani

    too bad, may he RIP.

    It’s also difficult to understand how he suddenly died – he looked liked a strong guy, and the hole was only 6ft deep – even if the walls had collapsed – it’s difficult to understand how he suddenly died.

    At approximately 4:50 p.m., one of our students was involved in an accident. The student had been digging in the sand when he became trapped”

    so they started digging with “hands and tools” at approx 4:35pm and by 4:50pm had created a 6 foot deep hole.. into which he jumped/climbed?

    Should the family Sang was staying with have warned him about the dangers of playing in the sand?

    No – (1) the family never knew he was going to accomplish an amazing 6ft deep hole in 15 minutes and climb into it.

    (2) Just the same as me – the family probably didn’t know that playing in the sand was dangerous either.

  • Jashin Densetsu

    hole in ₩on.

  • dokdoforever

    Agree with Neff – that ending is totally inappropriate for a tragic death.

  • Banana Stache

    I’m trying to picture how this could have happened, but I can’t. How does a hole in the sand collapse and kill somebody? Did he suffocate? Did it crush him? If it only took fifteen minutes to dig the entire hole, his friends couldn’t dig his head out in a minute?

    Regarding the smart ass comment at the end of the article, I’ve gone to the beach since I was a kid, and never in my 36 years on this planet have I had a “talk” about the dangers of digging a hole in the sand. I wonder if the author has ever visited a beach in California. Kids are digging dangerous holes everywhere.

    This whole thing confuses me.

  • http://askakorean.blogspot.com thekorean

    As to how he could have died — beach sand is actually extremely dangerous. They are wet, heavy and dense. If a 6-feet hole collapses on you, you could suffocate within minutes. Of course it will take some very unlucky set of events to actually die from it, but it can happen.

    That said, what the fuck, that article.

  • Creo69

    His breathing was probably seriously impaired from the impact of the sand when it compressed around him as well. Just because his head was uncovered it wouldn’t mean he could breath or that his airway wasn’t still blocked. In that situation his friends wouldn’t have much time to free him, clear his airway and start CPR. Who knows, maybe there was only one person with him taking the picture and the others were out in the water or down the beach a ways.

    Just an all around sad story…

  • Creo69

    In the video it says the hole may have been as deep as 8 feet also. Just kids having fun and unaware of the potential danger.

  • DLBarch

    I don’t know whether the Discovery Channel is planning to produce a “sand hole week,” but, yeah, sand holes actually cause more deaths at the beach than shark attacks.


    And near-death incidents are even more routine. Maybe that explains the snarkiness of the article.


  • numberoneoppa

    8 foot hole in 15 minutes? Wow.

  • http://adamsawry.wordpress.com Adams-awry

    @Banana Stache. Not trolling, but every year on vacation my father warned me about the dangers of digging deep holes at the beach. Exactly what happened to this kid is what I was warned about. Your parents were clearly negligent. (Okay, that last sentence was trolling… but the rest is true!)

  • Banana Stache


    One could also argue that my parents knew I was much too lazy as a child to dig a hole that big.

    I was completely unaware of sand hole related dangers. It’s probably time I had “the talk” about sand hole danger with my children soon, lest I face the chastisement of the “International Business Times”, which apparently also covers stories not pertaining to International Business.