• iwshim

    Been a huge fan since 1998. I actually met the band in 2002.

  • Yu Bum Suk

    It sounds like Christian worship music.

  • http://towardsnewpolitics.blogspot.com/ matheus

    Interesting note: The drummer for Deli Spice now plays in Yellow Monsters, a Korean punk band currently touring with Crying Nut in Japan. Part of the indie Hallyu perhaps?

    BTW, I know this because the band I play in ( BettyAss http://www.facebook.com/BettyAss?ref=hl) played a couple shows with them. Another interesting note: we’re playing a concert at 영산강 one of the target’s of MB’s 4대강 부활 project. The owner of one of the two clubs we play at here in Gwangju has decided that any band that plays this show ( which is ostensibly in support of the project) will be blacklisted. Just goes to show – politics infuse even the most remote corners of the Koreasphere.

  • virtual wonderer

    wow. you watch running man?

    you are officially more korean than i am.

    it won’t be long until marmot start wearing 라닝구, spit phlegm on the streets, refer to waitresses as 아지매, drink 요구르트 after taking a bath, etc etc.

    today b1tch about korean politics, tomorrow b1tch about how the young people of korea are now all 싸가지 없어. this is your future.

    next time you are Hmart in South Oyster Bay Road, you will be b1tching that you can’t get any good 갈치 or 꽃감.

    you’ve gone native sir. Dances with Hodori.

  • αβγδε

    This song takes me back… Back to a time when Korean movies were still good, when every single one of them seemed so cozy and still yet exotic, and nurturing; back when I was listening to Jaurim and Cherry Filter, while slaving away at a library studying calculus and combinatorics, and every molecule of the cold air felt beautiful.

    But I’ve only really liked two Deli Spice songs, the one posted by Robert above and this gem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dxh4zUhB4XU


  • jlee

    One of my favorite songs from my middle school/high school days.