Top 5 Quotes from Lucy Koh

Judge Lucy Koh, the poor woman tasked with overseeing the Apple vs. Samsung trial, might have recently accused Apple’s lawyer of “smoking crack,” but she’s apparently issued quite a few zingers during this trial.

BTW, in case anyway accuses Koh of bias, this from CNET (the first link):

In 2006, Koh was part of a team of McDermott lawyers that represented Creative Technology in a patent dispute against Apple, according to The Washington Post. The case was settled with Apple agreeing to pay Creative $100 million. Some Apple fans accused her of favoring South-Korea-based Samsung because she’s Korean.

But earlier this year after she hit Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 with a preliminary injunction, fans of that company said her background as a Silicon Valley lawyer meant she was in league with Apple.

Nonsense, said Brian Love, a law professor at Santa Clara University who has followed the case. He points out that if Koh “were biased or had it in for one of the companies, she could have ruled against whichever one it was on summary judgment. Instead, she is sending the case to the jury.

  • cm

    Yeah, jury made up of 9 people who are cooks, housewives, and mechanics, who have to go through all those technical patent documents and discuss the technical details of this case to come up with a decision in several days. The system is just ain’t working.

  • WangKon936

    Gee…. I wonder if the “jury” is still out on whether or not Koh is a regular federal judge or part of the world-wide gyopo fifth column plot!

  • jkitchstk

    “If she seemed short tempered, it was likely because someone wasn’t using time wisely or creating what she considers unnecessary paperwork. As the two sides filed motion after motion, exhibit after exhibit, Koh and her staff likely felt buried under an avalanche of documents.
    Love says Koh has two law clerks and two administrative assistants working for her.
    “Counting herself, that’s five people,” Love said. “Compare that to the number of lawyers for Apple and Samsung. They each have dozens of lawyers filing documents, seemingly every day and all night long. It’s incredibly natural for Judge Koh to be frustrated at the lawyers when you consider the deluge of paper being filed…The reality of federal court is that she doesn’t have the manpower to deal with all this.”

    Maybe Koh has taught the Koreans something? How to use less paper docs, reminiscing about the 30 times I had to sign my name to get a Korean credit card.

  • DLBarch

    I have followed this case closely every day the court’s been in session since the trial began, and have seen NO indication of bias from Judge Koh WHATSOEVER.

    Full stop.


  • cm

    I don’t think this battle will be over so soon. It will drag on for some more years. By the way, Samsung is promising even bigger battle if and when Apple comes out with the 4G LTE phone. Samsung’s hold on the 4G patent is pretty strong in this area and they say they’re just waiting on Apple. Apple cannot stay forever on 3G without affecting their sales.

  • DLBarch


    You are absolutely right that Samsux has a huge patent portfolio for 4G, and is second only to Qualcomm in what are termed “seminal patents” for this technology.

    But I was under the impression that Apple already licensed its 4G technology for its latest iPad from Qualcomm.

    Do you have any thoughts as to why Apple might have to turn to Samsux for its 4G iPhone?

    Just curious….


  • cm

    DLbarch, I don’t know. All I’ve been reading is that Samsung promises Apple a good fight on the 4G front, as a revenge.

  • DLBarch

    Interesting. I confess that I am not much of a true patent person, so I don’t know which 4G patents cross over from the iPad to the next iPhone.

    I guess we’ll find out soon enough. I’m curious whether a licensing agreement will be part of any grand Apple-Samsux settlement…when or if that day comes.


  • enomoseki

    You guys think Crapple will constantly sue Samsung whenever Samsung comes with their new products? Because I think so.

  • DLBarch

    I’d say that while the Apple v Samsux case is the mother of all patent lawsuits (so far), patent litigation is a dime-a-dozen story.

    Here in SV, patent lawsuits are a way of life. Hell, we have companies that buy other companies just to get their hands on their patents!

    So, yeah, I’d say we’ll see future Apple v. Samsux lawsuits, but not for the reasons many Koreans think.


  • enomoseki

    That tactics has been going on since the days of Microsoft vs. Crapple.

    Considering the fact that Crapple wants Google out of mobile business, including Android carriers like HTC and Samsung, Crapple has already decided to monopolize the market. Their aggressive tactics is pretty much obvious.

  • Bendrix

    I saw a bunch of posts from someone calling themselves “Takeshima” on the Verge. He/she was posting in all the Apple vs. Samsung articles, and saying Lucy Koh is some kind of crooked Korean American getting bribes from Samsung. The person was apparently banned and had all of their posts removed. I’ve also seen some posts on CNet from people saying Lucy Koh may be biased because of her heritage.

  • fanwarrior

    “He points out that if Koh “were biased or had it in for one of the companies, she could have ruled against whichever one it was on summary judgment. Instead, she is sending the case to the jury.”

    Flawed logic.
    Just because she didn’t make a summary judgment doesn’t mean she might not have it in for one of the companies. She can control what case gets to the jury, by denying evidence, through jury instruction, etc.

  • Barreira

    Just so that y’all know, Judge Koh is Harvard College + Harvard Law School, and a former federal prosecutor (US Attys Office, Central District of Calif.). Young, smart, tough and to the point. Basically, the best & the brightest of the Korean American community. Which makes the whole thing somewhat ironic.