Judge Lucy Koh, the poor woman tasked with overseeing the Apple vs. Samsung trial, might have recently accused Apple’s lawyer of “smoking crack,” but she’s apparently issued quite a few zingers during this trial.

BTW, in case anyway accuses Koh of bias, this from CNET (the first link):

In 2006, Koh was part of a team of McDermott lawyers that represented Creative Technology in a patent dispute against Apple, according to The Washington Post. The case was settled with Apple agreeing to pay Creative $100 million. Some Apple fans accused her of favoring South-Korea-based Samsung because she’s Korean.

But earlier this year after she hit Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 with a preliminary injunction, fans of that company said her background as a Silicon Valley lawyer meant she was in league with Apple.

Nonsense, said Brian Love, a law professor at Santa Clara University who has followed the case. He points out that if Koh “were biased or had it in for one of the companies, she could have ruled against whichever one it was on summary judgment. Instead, she is sending the case to the jury.