Well, American conservatives, spare a thought for what Korean conservatives have got to vote for in December:

Park avoided any specific language on the nature of the 1961 episode during a debate recorded on August 7 for Cheongju Broadcasting (CJB). It is scheduled to air on Aug. 13.

“I don’t think it’s the place of politicians to be fighting over whether [the events of 1961] were a ‘coup d’etat’ or a ‘revolution,’” she said.

Her remarks came in response to a question from fellow primary candidate Kim Tae-ho, who asked if she would agree that the overthrow was both a coup and a “necessary decision.”

She also said, “No one can refute that the events themselves did happen, whether you call them a ‘coup’ or a ‘revolution.’”

Kim repeated his question as to whether May 16 was a coup, to which Park responded that “we need to leave that issue” for history to decide.

Now, I’ve never launched a coup d’etat, but if I did, I’d imagine it would look very much like this:

Mind you, everything she said might be right… sort of… but Jesus, can we at least call a coup a coup?

No, I suppose we’d rather get ourselves all upset over a guy posting mean things on Twitter.