That wacky Conan O’Brien.

It’s not as bad as some dude at The Kernel all but calling Samsung the anti-Christ, I suppose.

And certain not as bad as another—admittedly hilarious—guy at The Kernel telling us Android users won’t get laid:

iPhone users include designers, musicians, students, socialites and everyone in Hollywood you’ve ever wanted to bang. BlackBerry users include David Cameron, Obama and Eric Schmidt. (That’s actually true: Schmidt uses a BlackBerry for real work.)

Windows Phone is for small children and the elderly, like nappies and blended food.

Android users? Well, you’re looking at Lindsay Lohan, Courtney Love, Kid Rock, Jocelyn Wildenstein, fat John Travolta, Occupy protesters, Liberal Democrats and that really, really creepy guy in engineering who won’t stop looking at your ass. In other words, trainwrecks, pariahs and has-beens.

That’s mean.

PS: My wife upgraded from the iPhone to Galaxy S III and seems to be enjoying it quite a bit.

(HT to Oranckay)