Odds and Ends

– Might the Galaxy 10.1 finally bring real multitasking to tablet computing?

– Mongolia’s Battsetseg Soronzonbold won a bronze in women’s wresting, beating Canadian Martine Dugrenier.

– Speaking of Canada, sorry about that.

– Boy, this Saenuri Party bribery scandal keeps getting better and better.

– That’s an eye-pleasing Dokdo flashmob.

– As tempted as I am, I’m not going to blame this right away on the Four Rivers Project.

– Novelist Gong Ji-young has a new book out on the Ssangyong strike.

– Really, dudes, you’re going to make the yogurt ladies walk up the stairs?

  • bballi

    truly bizarre call against the Canadian Women’s Futbol team….extremely controversial….
    total email attacks sent to the ref…….probably zero, but who knows…

  • Long Johnston

    Don’t forget to add that South Korea’s Tae-Kwon-do champ Lee Dae-Hoon got his ass handed to him by Spain’s Joel Gonzalez.

    Anyone get a count of how many dead centre head blows by Gonzalez knocked Lee straight to the canvas? A painful bout to watch. I went in to it routing for Korea, home of the martial art, but Gonzalez skills were just amazing. New spiritual centre of Tae-Kwon-Do = Spain?

  • http://www.dayvmattt.com Dayv Mattt

    There is already real multitasking on a tablet. It’s called a blackberry playbook. :)

  • Wedge

    #1: The comments paint a different picture. Looks like the goalie had a delay call coming.

  • bballi

    Do you follow futbol?, who the hell ever gets a delay of game call, no one…..

  • jkitchstk

    It’s lookin like Galaxy/Samsux company & partners employee children –
    “New York-based campaign group Child Labor Watch (CLW) alleged its investigators found evidence of the violation while working at a factory owned by China’s HEG Electronics.”

    “It said seven under-16-year-olds were identified between June and July.
    But Samsux said it had found no evidence of an employment law breach when it carried out its own checks.
    Holiday workers
    CLW said that its investigators had limited contact with the factory’s other departments and there could be dozens more underage employees.
    It alleged that HEG had “slack internal supervision mechanisms”.

    “It also described concerns about worker injuries and how overtime pay was handled.”

    “CLW’s report added the plant was used to make mobile phones, DVDs, stereo equipment and MP3 players for Samsux which were then shipped and sold all over the world.
    Apple’s audits
    CLW has previously highlighted problems at Apple’s suppliers in China, including an explosion which it said injured 61 workers in December.
    However, in a statement about its latest probe it said: “Based on the results of this CLW investigation of Samsux supplier factory, it can be determined that working conditions at HEG are well below those general conditions in Apple’s supplier factories.”

  • http://rjkoehler.com Robert Koehler

    What are ya, some sort of Apple fanboy!

  • EnricoPallazo

    Every goalie at that level knows the six second rule. Every goalie also skirts the line in violating the rule when their team is up and they want to burn clock. It’s a calculated risk that usually pays off because the rule is rarely enforced. This time, she took the risk and got burned, and it’s her own fault.

    And it’s not like she got called for a 7 or 8 second hold. The Canadian goalie held the ball for 15-16-17 seconds numerous times in that game. Double and triple the time allowed. Of course it’s rarely called, just like refs rarely call teams for too many backpasses and failure to advance. But when they do call it, it’s usually because the time-wasting tactics are ridiculously blatant and obvious.

    Also love the hypocrisy of all the Canadian players and media crying rivers over a legitimate call of a rule clearly violated, and yet they can’t find the column space to mention Tancredi stomping on Lloyd’s head early in the second half when the game was still 1-1, which should have been a red card and effectively ended the game for Canada anyway. Takes balls for Tancredi to complain about poor reffing when the only reason she was on the field for most of the game was precisely because of that poor reffing.

  • http://Filmcraft.com.au hoju_saram

    A delay call? Better stick to imperial handball wedgie πŸ˜‰

  • Josh

    re: Yoghurt ladies walking up the stairs story:

    Eunma apartment complex is a high-end residence, consisting of mid-sized homes that sell for between 800 million and 1 billion won (US$709,000 to $886,000). </blockquote?

    High-end residence? $800,000

    γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ that's the price of an average house in Australia.

  • Keith

    I was wondering why my elevator was doing weird things the other day. We live in a mixed use building, restaurant on the bottom, a couple of hagwon, and the upper floors all being residential. Sometimes the brats from the hagwon will walk down the stairs and press every button on the way down – I guess they just do it to be obnoxious little shits.

    That function (being able to just go one floor) on the elevator has now been taken away, I only realised that when I mistakenly pressed the wrong button, went a floor higher than intended and had to make my way down in the dark as the hallway lights were also disabled! I can’t really complain as it will cut down on our building bill. Coming down the stairs was a bit dodgy though, it was pitch black and because some of the dwellings are a bit pokey there are loads of bikes, assorted crap and kimchi pots and other potential tripping hazards in the stairwell.

    The situation made the ‘flashlight’ app on my new phone take on an ‘importance’, before I just saw it as a bit of a silly gimmick, but it’s actually kind of useful if you find yourself in an unexpected and no light scenario.

  • rob

    when asked about the controversial call, the canadian woman’s team said “yeah, it sucks, but wuddaya gonna do? sit here and cry for an hour?”

  • Seth Gecko

    When the Takeshima/Dokdo issue finally goes to International Court, the Koreans will enter as evidence a helipad, a children’s song, and .jpgs of a flash mob.

  • TonyK

    @ 3: Word. :)

    As far as the women’s soccer game goes, Tancredi, quoted in the linked Star article, she has a lot of nerve after stomping on Carli Lloyd’s face (http://blog.timesunion.com/olympicssource/canada%E2%80%99s-melissa-tancredi-got-away-with-stomping-on-carli-lloyd%E2%80%99s-head-during-semifinal/1960/).

  • Arghaeri

    $800,000 γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ that’s the price of an average house in Australia.

    BS, that would be about 470,000