• cm

    I don’t think she’s good looking enough material to be in the Playboy.

    PS: That’s kind of an unfair shot at Shin. All she wanted was a fair treatment, she has said nothing bad against Heidermann.

  • http://rjkoehler.com Robert Koehler

    Not good looking enough, eh?


    She’s plenty good-looking enough for Playboy.

    And no, Liz, that’s not me showing favoritism to my Teutonic dongpo sister.

  • SomeguyinKorea

    There’s something pathetic and disturbing about the fact that this is news here.

  • http://rjkoehler.com Robert Koehler

    I’m not sure it was “news,” per se. I just saw the headline and was intrigued.

  • cm


    in fairness, those pictures are heavily photo-shopped.

  • jk6411

    Shin A-Lam, not Shin A-Lab.

  • cm

    Shin A-Lam? How about Shin Arham? They butchered a beautiful name with the wrong romanization.

  • 코리

    Personally, I imagine Shin’s given name being pronounced the way the Nazi woman in the secret map room yelled “Alarm” in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

  • SomeguyinKorea


    Well, Labs do shed enough fur in the spring to knit a sweater with.

  • jk6411

    Well, A-Ram would’ve been correct. But “Ram” may be a bit awkward.
    Some news articles call her Shin Lam..
    Hope she doesn’t become Shin Ramyun or something.

  • jkitchstk

    Will all those Nazi signs come down in S. Korea now?

  • SomeguyinKorea


    Those are the Buddhist Manji symbol.

  • dm

    cm is an idiot. These photos are not photo-shopped. πŸ˜›

  • Dogbert

    Why does Kim Yu-na romanize her name in a misleading way?

  • Gerry Bevers


    You are starting to redeem yourself, Robert.

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  • iMe

    she’s beautiful enough but her boobs are too small.

  • deanS

    It probably didn’t make Shin feel any better that Heidemann lost in the gold medal match. Especially in this situation as it was a malfunction and a bad call by the officals that ultimately lead to the loss.
    Overall I think she handled herself well, all things considered. And that consolation prize medal just feels like a thing to let the public feel better about the whole thing.

  • DLBarch

    Heidemann is, frankly, truly stunning, and those photos ALMOST want me to say “all is forgiven,” but I can testify — regrettably — what most gals who fence do not look anything like her. Alas.

    Hence, the relative unpopularity of fencing!


  • http://rjkoehler.com Robert Koehler

    The Kathy Radzuweit lass is quite easy on the eyes, too.

  • http://rjkoehler.com Robert Koehler

    cm is an idiot. These photos are not photo-shopped.

    I think it’s just that cm has never seen a photo of a German smiling.

  • http://gypsyscholarship.blogspot.com/ Jeffery Hodges

    Germans rarely smile because German jokes are nothing to laugh about.

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  • http://gypsyscholarship.blogspot.com/ Jeffery Hodges

    “The Kathy Radzuweit lass is quite easy on the eyes, too.”

    Odd surname, though: “Wheel-too-far.”

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  • SomeguyinKorea

    As if you’d turn her down.

  • kaizenmx

    Truthfully, she’s just plain looking.

  • guitard

    iMe wrote:

    she’s beautiful enough but her boobs are too small.

    Large boobs are a disadvantage for a fencer.

  • Arghaeri

    Nice and pert, who needs more!

  • http://rjkoehler.com Robert Koehler

    Note to Korea Times:

    Some Internet users expressed their anger by photoshopping Heidemann’s picture into adult magazine Playboy.

    No, she actually posed. Which is odd, as the Korean below the article actually says as much.


  • Gerry Bevers

    iMe wrote (#16):

    she’s beautiful enough but her boobs are too small.

    Too small for what? They’re perky, nicely tipped, and REAL. What else could you ask for? The up-side-down, plastic cereal bowls many Korean women are having implanted?

  • kimchifrox

    Sure, normally we just guffaw about mostly fecal jokes and continue to drink our superior beers.
    I guess who just smiles is somehow suspicious… ;o)

  • Gerry Bevers

    I wish I had answered my first question in #28 as follows:

    Too small for what? Bungee jumping?

    I crack myself up.

  • iMe

    for Playboy those boobs aren’t big enough is all I was saying. Unless of course it was a special Korean edition.

  • numberoneoppa

    @29/Gerry: Hahahaha.

    iMe: I don’t remember playboy being a magazine which caters to big boob fans only. Boobs can be perfect not matter what size. :)

    Still pretty upset about the fencing match.

  • SomeguyinKorea


    Yes, clueless about the fact that most Europeans get that nudity is natural and that the human body isn’t something to be ashamed of (especially when one looks as good as her). Hell, I’ve seen more skin on German TV commercials than in Korean “ero” movies.

  • cm

    Heideman’s just average plain. Now here’s the picture of Heideman’s team mate Monika Sozanska who looks far more beautiful. Now I wouldn’t mind seeing her naked.


    Judging by her last name, I’m guessing she’s of Polish extraction.

    From the Korean team, I nominate Kim Jiyeon.


  • jkitchstk

    # 12 SomeguyinKorea,
    re: Nazi Signs
    “Those are the Buddhist Manji symbol.”

    Ha, I doubt it.
    Even at all those Nazi bars spread across S. Korea that Israel complained about…?

    Here is another…

    The S. Korean Hitler/Nazi bars even made Time Magazine…