Video of an apparent naughty Korean girl goes viral in China

Greetings y’all.  I didn’t think my first post in a very long while would be about viral videos of Korean girls, but something enlightening about the Korean economy, business or industry.  You guys aren’t that lucky today.

Making the rounds in Weibo is a video of a Korean girl that Chinese netizens claimed to be that of “A Korean female TV announcer” apparently named Park Ni-ma (朴妮唛/박니마).  The Korea Times was kind enough to blur her image.  The Chinese have been less confidential.  We here at TMH, understanding there may be many inquiring minds and concerned individuals that may not be getting the full news they deserve, will link to a ChinaSmack post that has all the related videos and images in all their potentially NSFW glory.

By the way, I’m not an expert on “Korean female TV announcers,” but can anyone confirm or deny this chick’s presumed occupation?

  • Emu

    From the look of the video she’s been practicing on that horse-riding exercise machine — a lot. Time for Korea to get in taeng-taeng ship shape for the new sadaejuui era. :0

  • dogbert

    That’s “Almond Tease”‘s baby sister.

  • Sperwer


  • red sparrow

    New contender for most pointless, dumbest post.

  • kaizenmx

    And not a single fuck was given that day.

  • iMe

    I for one would like to thank you, WK, from the bottom of my heart for this post. The girl in question is really fucking HAWT!


  • iMe

    So, after doing some *ahem* research on this fascinating story, I found out that this hottie is not a “TV announcer” but…an Internet BJ?

    I don’t know what the hell that is but I do like the sound of that! I’ll take two, please!

    Of all the girls that have graced the pages of TMH, this chick has to rank right up there near the top in pure hotness IMO.

    Wonderful post, WK! Bravo!

  • R. Elgin

    Wangkon, I can understand why you are not posting anything about current financial news, seeing how my long standing concerns with household debt and upcoming economic deluge was justified (more still coming, in slow motion too).
    Just how does one plan for that?!

  • weissenbrun

    New contender for most pointless, dumbest post.

    Idk. What could be more relevant than news of Kgals whoring out – willing or not – for the foreigner? Come to think of it, is there any other type of international Korean news? Japan, US, Australia, and here comes China.

  • Bobby McGill

    The blurred face is hot. I am thinking about asking my girl to wear bubble wrap over her head the next time we get busy wid it.

    It’s not a bad post Wangkon –we post what grabs us and move on.

  • iMe

    R. Elgin,
    there are some things one can do to prepare for what’s coming – whatever that is.

    1. Keep your powder dry. 30% of your wealth in cash is a pretty good place to be. You may be able to pick up a whole bunch of assets dirt cheap in the not too distant future. But in case our unelected central bankers decide to print more money and subsequently kill the value of our currencies…

    2. Keep accumulating hard assets and commodities. I’d buy some gold to hedge against inflation. And I like real estate but NOT in North America. Korea is a far superior place to own rental properties because of lower taxes, lower maintenance and you get a year (or two) worth of rent upfront as a deposit.

    3. Own some dividend paying stocks. Companies like Nestle and Kraft aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Healthcare-related stocks are a must. And if you’re cynical like me, you look into some weapons manufacturer stocks as well as private prison stocks just because I have zero faith in Obama or Romney to do anything right.

  • R. Elgin

    Per #11, I am already there on all accounts and am poised for action on a moment’s notice. If I can eat cabbage, I can’t complain.
    I am not optimistic for the EU and sense that their denouement is close at hand, followed by many others. I only worry about my friends here and their families.

  • iMe

    all you can do is to tell as many friends and relatives as possible to prepare. I used to worry for others, too, and still do but when I see these people getting all worked up over some bullshit non-issue like Chick-Fil-A, I begin to think that maybe they deserve what’s coming and that it may be the only way they’ll ever learn.

  • slim

    What would you do, iMe, if there were a realistic prospect of a Ron Paul administration? Wouldn’t your political idealism and investor common sense/self-preservation instinct violently clash there?