Greetings y’all.  I didn’t think my first post in a very long while would be about viral videos of Korean girls, but something enlightening about the Korean economy, business or industry.  You guys aren’t that lucky today.

Making the rounds in Weibo is a video of a Korean girl that Chinese netizens claimed to be that of “A Korean female TV announcer” apparently named Park Ni-ma (朴妮唛/박니마).  The Korea Times was kind enough to blur her image.  The Chinese have been less confidential.  We here at TMH, understanding there may be many inquiring minds and concerned individuals that may not be getting the full news they deserve, will link to a ChinaSmack post that has all the related videos and images in all their potentially NSFW glory.

By the way, I’m not an expert on “Korean female TV announcers,” but can anyone confirm or deny this chick’s presumed occupation?