– At the WSJ, Evan Ramstad chills at Naneun Ggomsuda’s cafe. They still seem to be heavily involved in the DUP primary race, which surprises me, frankly, given how it seemed much of the DUP wanted to kill Kim Yong-min after the April general election.

– North Korea human rights activist Kim Young-hwan is claiming he was tortured while being detained in China.

– It’s official: the woman with Kim Jong-un is his wife. Lovely young woman. Not quite as lovely as Asma al-Assad, mind you, and probably lacks the charming Brit accent. But still, someone should call Vogue.

– Some Singaporean power blogger is apparently getting a full makeover in Seoul. Or so I read at Yahoo Singapore.

– Speaking of plastic surgery, the doctors did a good job with Miss Korea 2012.

– The International Crisis Group is warning that tensions in the South China Sea could get hot.

– If you’re a white guy feeling oppressed in Korea, remember, it could be a lot, lot worse.

– Last but not least, how screwed up is North Korea when Iran’s former ambassador to China is penning columns like this:

The military chief was dismissed to remove opposition to Kim’s economic reforms, regarded by many as ineffectual. North Korea’s economy is in tatters and needs a miracle, not the Chinese model desired by Kim, to be fixed.

In a country where parties and political gatherings are prohibited and free speech is muzzled, small reforms are seen by many as pointless. Moreover, North Korea lacks the needed infrastructure to bring about economic and social change. The reforms in North Korea could be its undoing. Just look at Myanmar.