One of the *possible* presidential candidates “Ahn Cholsu (or Chulsoo)” appeared on the Korean TV Show of some gravitas “Healing Camp” and has started garnering the momentum needed for a possible candidacy.

Here is one of the news articles in Korean in which it tries to quantify what he said in the interview about “The number of people who agree with me” into “interest” and “support”. If “interest” (due to his relatively limited exposure) were to be measured by his book sales and viewing ratings, then the conclusion is that it is on the increase.

Having watched the interview, my intial thoughts are that though he did not bowl me over (which is good, overflowing charisma is often a bad thing in the end) on the other hand, I would be not so embarrassed about South Korea if he were to become the President. He advocates that his political ideal is neither 보수(conservative) nor 진보(progressive) but 상식(common sense). This certainly sounds sweet to the ears of many who have given up that anything in South Korea(n politics) could have anything to do with “common sense”.

The running question in the interview was whether he would run or not – he slyly left it upto the people (after reading his book in which he lays out his ideas ^^) to tell him whether he should.

It would be a mammoth, impossible task for somebody like him to win against the 보수꼴통 base, especially if he does not get the support from the rest of the candidates (Moon & Sohn), without splitting the vote. One thing that is certain in Korea is that nothing is impossible.

I will include a brief background on him in my next post if he decides to run.